How to Choose a Reliable Cloud Hosting Company?

For achieving a success in online business taking quick decisions is very necessary, however, we all know that crucial decisions are not that simple to take. There are hundreds of cloud hosting providers out there in the market, and you should opt for the right one that will understand the importance of 24/7 availability for your online business.

So, how will you choose a cloud provider?

There will be specific variables for most of the online businesses, however, amongst them the following 6 important categories are most important to consider, when choosing a cloud web hosting provider.


Basically, you cannot afford to worry about the company to whom you are handing over your company's and clients data will exist tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow. You should find a genuine and perfect company with required resources for the long haul. Search for the companies that has stood the test of time.

Service Quality:

Most of the times, a company having good reputation will survive longer than those with bad reputation. It is better for you to count them separately, because we all know that some companies that seem thrive without good customer service. Thus, look at various companies, contact their clients, read their customer testimonials and case studies. Doing a research about them will ensure that you know the company very well with whom you are going to sign-up.

Fit to Requirements:

You should make a list of the kind of services you will need and ensure that the cloud hosting provider can deliver everything you need to expand your business. Though you need a basic cloud service or the Enterprise-level VMware cloud service, make sure that the company you are considering offers the level of managed services.

Pricing and Features:

When choosing a cloud hosting service, make sure which features are included in the featured price you see. Opting for a managed cloud hosting services may seems a bit costly, however, it can save you much time to focus on your online business in order to increase the productivity. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees and surprise charges.


Never get fooled by looking at the official security logo on a website. It is not necessary that having a logo means that they offer best security. Ask the provider, how and where exactly the company stores your data in the cloud and what security policies they apply. Cloud providers that uses other countries data centers may introduce security risks. Also, make sure to ask how secure is the data center and what kind of security does the data center offers. The data center where your company data would be stored must offer a state-of-the-art facility, which provides every kind of redundancy, backup systems, failover solutions and good security features. Make sure to read a few articles on data center security, so that it will be helpful for you to decide.

TOS and SLA:

Before making your final decision, make sure to read the Terms of Service (TOS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) and see if the cloud provider is willing to meet your requirements. Check if the cloud hosting company provides a secure network and 100% uptime guarantee. Also, make sure that the cloud service provider offers customer support via Live Chat, Phone and Email.

If the cloud hosting provider you are considering meets all of the above things, then you can proceed with the sign-up process, else find another one who can meet with your cloud hosting requirements.