There is a wealth of vacation information available to help you plan your next trip to Connecticut. It can be overwhelming to attempt to create a sensible travel itinerary with all of the information out there. Travel agents and internet sites will lure you with promises of cheap vacation packages and deals that you will not want to pass up. Before you commit to anything, however, there are a few general questions that you should ask yourself in order to sift through all of the advertisements and plan the vacation that you truly desire.

Located in southwestern New England, Connecticut is a popular travel destination. Some people consider it simply a gateway between New York and the rest of New England, but is has its own charm and a rich history worth exploring. It boasts a pleasant climate with four seasons and a varied geographical makeup. It has many hidden gems to explore, such as quaint towns and beautiful landscapes. Of course, Connecticut also is famous for its many contributions to art, history, and the academic world.

When planning your travel getaway to Connecticut, consider the following questions.

How long do you plan to travel?
Do you want to spend a couple of weeks in Connecticut, or do you only have time for a short weekend trip? Are you hoping to unwind for a bit, or do you want to fit in as much activity as possible? Answering these questions will provide you with a framework for figuring out how much you can accomplish in your allotted travel time.

What is your mode of transportation? If you need to arrange a flight, this will require some advance planning. Then you will need to arrange ground transportation once you arrive. Train travel is another option, and there are numerous rail lines that go to and through Connecticut. Driving your own car allows you the most freedom and flexibility when planning your travel itinerary. Remember to factor in additional expenses, such as gas or tips, depending on your method of transportation.

During which season will you be traveling to Connecticut? This will be determined by your availability to travel as well as by your particular interests. Any month of the year is a fine time to visit. Autumn is popular for viewing the fall foliage. Winter tourists can visit attractions such as historic homes decorated for the holidays, or they can participate in skiing and other winter sports. Spring is a great time to visit any part of the state for its temperate climate and numerous festivals and other attractions. If you visit during the summer, you could spend a lazy day on one of the shoreline's beaches or in the cool interior of a world-famous museum or art gallery.

What are your specific travel interests? If you are a nature lover, there are countless ways to enjoy the great outdoors of Connecticut. For example, there are state parks with hiking trails, rivers and lakes for fishing, swimming, and boating, and many other natural resources to explore. History buffs have numerous destinations to choose from, including Hartford (the capital), New Haven (with Yale University and the surrounding historic neighborhoods), and everywhere in between. Consult some vacation guides for more specific tips for planning an itinerary around your particular interests.

Who is traveling with you? If you are traveling with children, for example, then you will want to research some family-friendly destinations. Connecticut is full of great places for kids. If, on the other hand, you are planning a romantic weekend getaway for two, then you should check out some of the state's small charming inns or luxurious resorts. Keep in mind any particular arrangements that you might have to make to accommodate elderly travelers or anyone else with special needs.

Use these suggestions as your first step in planning your Connecticut vacation. Once you have determined your general interests and expectations for what you would like to get out of your travel experience, then you can obtain more details and map out the perfect travel itinerary.