There can be gaps when it comes to cross generational communication.  There are a number of people out there who have a very simple strategy in the workplace and you may disagree with some of the strategies that your co-workers end up employing on a generational basis.  There are a lot of employees who don’t listen to their co-workers enough just because they happen to be a bit older than they are, this simply does not make sense because you can gain information from all kinds of people. The older co-workers that are out there may be able to provide a certain amount of leadership for the company, the leadership can lend some savings to the company.

Business plans and communication strategies can become different on a generational basis,  A large number of marketing techniques that worked in the business world for decades is still relevant as of today. A number of co-workers may disagree with a younger employee because of different educational experiences, some people of a certain generation may be more compliant in the long run.  A large number of employees have to be able to pay for things like their life insurance, this may mean that they harng around in the workplace more than they would like to despite generational communication gapss. 

An employee also needs to be able to stay focused on their workforce goals and then they have to deal with things like a pension problem.  A pension is something that not all people may be familiar with, some people may not have a pension system in their country, the whole thing can be linked to unique cultural differences.

Some older people are still not communicating by e-mail or mobile phone.  Here are some of the generational reasons as to way someone may not want to communicate with this technology:

  • They are scared of it, new things can impact people of all ages.
  • The technology may not be all that accessible, there are a lot of people who may think the buttons on a phone are too small.
  • The technology may be a threat to their livelihood, it may cut them out of a job or end up being too expensive for them to afford.
  • Young people use too much slang while using these devices, older people do not necessarily embrace all of the lingo.  The older folks prefer traditional languages.

Businesses can certainly make an effort to fill some of the cross generational communication gaps out there.