Decorative home accessories allow you to add personality to your home. You don't even have to paint or do a lot of furniture rearranging. This is great way to create weekend projects that will really spruce up your home. Here are a few tips for making or buying decorative home accessories.

Depending on the size of your space decorative home accessories should have a function. These can really come in handy in a small space. You could collect boxes or baskets as a way to hide unsightly items and keep things organized. Another option is to create a gift wrapping station or even display your designer shoes on the wall shelves. This will create a fashion theme but your items will still be completely usable. You'll want to have both hidden and regular storage systems so that your items have more importance.

Stage your decorative accessories so they look expensive. Even if you buy the expensive items from designer magazines you might be a little disappointed when they actually arrive. This has a lot to do with the lighting and staging that is done by professionals when they do the photo shoots. You can create that same look just by giving everyday items more importance. Try layering your accessories. You can put them in different jars or on top of pedestals. This means that even if you're using very similar accessories they will all have a different look and smaller items will have more presence and height.

Display your home accessories so they are almost like hidden treasures. This is a way to add a lot of character and personality to a bookshelf. It can be as simple as just turning a few of your books on their side. Then you can place a favorite shell or paperweights on top.

Decide on a color palette for you decorative home accessories. This is an easy way you can really create balance within your room. Your accessories can add unexpected color to your room. This is really important if you have a modern or contemporary design style because these rooms are often neutral and a little bit boring. In this case, you want to bring in a lot of bright colors. You can decorate with anything from green, orange, or even pink. This adds a pop of color to a room. You can also use your decorative accessories to tone down your room. If you have rich white walls then go with a more elegant gold color for your accessories for an expensive look that will also act as a neutral.

Find accessories with meaning. It's pretty easy to just go through a catalog and buy whatever you see in there. This can be expensive and it can also be impersonal. Then your home will just feel like a model home that you picked up from a catalog because that's exactly what you did. Instead, make it a goal to bring home treasures from your trips. This doesn't mean that you have to show off a collection of thimbles, spoons or shot glasses. Instead decide on a favorite item such as shells or clocks and make it a point to bring one back from every trip. The name of the state or country doesn't have to be on it. This way you'll have an eclectic look that will showcase your travels and your items will have a story as well.