Fashion jewelry earrings have a place in any woman's wardrobe. It's an easy way to get an updated look without spending a lot of money. If you buy quality pieces they will look like you actually own genuine gemstones and precious metals. Here are a few tips for finding and wearing fashion jewelry earrings.

Find a realistic set. This will keep your jewelry from looking too juvenile. This doesn't mean that you have to go with basic hoops or studs. You can find very convincing chandelier earrings that will give a lot of presence.

Avoid sets. Jewelry sets can often look cheap and make it look like you just picked up something for your bridesmaids or you're on your way to prom. Instead you want to find an eclectic mix. This creates an elegant look, which can be a lot more convincing. People probably know that you can't afford hundreds of carats of diamonds on earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Instead, mix fine and costume jewelry for a one-of-a-kind look that is perfect for everyday use.

Go for believable jewelry. Costume pearls are very convincing and you can find them very inexpensively. You can wear them for an evening out or just with a basic pair of jeans. This will keep your jewelry from looking cheap. Most people won't even know that it's costume. This same standard applies to diamonds. Avoid czs that are over the top in size and cut. Diamonds aren't perfect so costume jewelry can look too flashy or bright. Go for more realistic carat weights so that people can't tell that you're wearing costume jewelry.

Use fashion jewelry earrings as a way to make a statement. You might not want to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in fine jewelry every time a new fashion show comes out. This is where costume jewelry can really come in handy. Instead, you can just try out the latest trends by just spending a few dollars. This way if the trends fail to stay around forever you still got your money's worth.

Find sophisticated pieces. Costume jewelry doesn't have to look cheap, even if it is. You can find pieces that look like they are really made out of gold. The key to this is to go with very simple designs in very realistic sizes. You can occasionally go over the top with a pair of chandelier earrings. In this case keep the rest of your jewelry very simple. This also lets your favorite piece of jewelry really shine.

Look to the stars. You might be surprised how many celebrities wear costume jewelry on the red carpet. However, the costume jewelry can still cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can get the same look on a budget just by getting replicate pieces. This allows you to look like a star, even when you're just going to the grocery store. You might not be able to wear the same size of clothes as the celebrities, or have a lot of use for an evening gown, but you can still wear jewelry that is similar to theirs. You can even simulate the look of your favorite celebrities as an ode to them.