Free blog advertising allows you to save money while still building your business or meeting new people. It does take a little bit of money initially to start a successful blog but you can really minimize this cost with word-of-mouth advertising. Here are a few tips for free blog advertising.

Use social networking services. You don't want to become a spammer but you probably already have accounts on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. You can use these as ways to get the word out about your blog and also help your family and friends to know what you are up to at the same time.

Join the blog carnival. This is when everyone writes on a certain topic and all of the links are then pasted on one blog. You can really maximize the carnival just by visiting other blogs in the carnival and leaving useful comments. You'll get a free link from the host carnival page and also meet a lot of people in the process.

There isn't an easy solution for free blog advertising. It all requires work. You'll also want to check with the terms of service of whatever advertising you use because they often have restrictions on how you can drive traffic. This actually works to your advantage because a lot of free programs will actually end up wasting your time. This is a quality way to get traffic.

One of the best ways to do free blog advertising is to simply provide useful content. This includes a lot of search engine optimization. This will help you to rank higher in the search engines so that people will actually find your blog and you won't have to go out and buy your traffic.

Utilize dofollow blogs. Dofollow is where the blog owner has decided to leave off the no follow attribute so that your blog gets a little bit of link juice. You want to make sure that you don't become a spammer. Many of these blogs have strict comment policies. Some of these blogs won't even remove the nofollow tag until you have actually left a certain number of comments. However, you'll be able to eventually get a free link and can make friends in the process.

Leave your link in your signature. You might have a related forum that you frequent or at least an email address. It's important that you on topic and provide helpful information so you won't become a spammer. At the same time, it will also really help you to get the word out there without spending any money. If you provide quality content eventually people will start to hear about your site. One of your greatest assets is going to be perseverance. You might have to blog for a number of months and put up hundreds of pages of content before you really see it to start going anywhere. This is exactly why a lot of bloggers will never be successful or be able to create a business. If you can really keep that and work as hard as possible when everyone else has given up then you will eventually be successful.