Going Green to help the environment gets the stamp of approval

16 steps on postage stamps to reduce our environmental footprintIn 2011, the USPS issued a set of green postages stamps to encourage us to become greener in the things we do and in the way we live our lives. The beauty of the guide was to remind us of the numerous ways that we can positively impact the environment and reduce our carbon footprints. Sometimes we think green and it might be that we recycling our aluminum cans and glass bottles by bringing them to a local recycling area. Unfortunately, we drive there without ever checking our car tire pressures, resulting in a higher gas consumption and thereby undoing some of the good intentions we had started with. What the stamp set does is remind us of numerous ways to help the planet become green again. It is just little things that count, like the tire pressure or turning off a light switch when leaving a room.

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Go Green Forever ECO Postage Stamps

The USPS issued 16 illustrations, all in green, to help to remind us of the things we need to do to conserve our natural resources. Each stamp carries a unique green message and you may find that you already meet many of the green suggestions but you might be able to adopt a new one too. These stamps act as simple reminders of the everyday things that will make a difference and they bring about an added awareness for Americans to get green. Apart from the bright green ECO reminders this stamp set is attractive and well designed and stamp collectors will gladly add them to their albums. Young philatelists will also learn about environmental issues as they handle these stamps.

Go Green stamps of USPS

Green stamps from USPS on improving environmental awarenessThe go green stamp messages are simply written and the green almost cartoon like images are very distinguished and attractive and are a fun way to deliver an important message to society. The two USPS forever stamps featured here are the ‘Use Public Transportation’ stamp and the ‘Use Efficient Light Bulbs’ stamp which express the green message clearly as do the remaining stamps in the series. If you were to adopt the philosophies of all 16 stamps then you would be doing a great service to the environment in general but it is unlikely that very many people will be able to implement all 16 tips for a greener world. These 16 green stamps serve to remind us of the ways, that we may never even have considered before, for improving efficiency.

The remainder of the 16 postage stamps covers these green topics

USPS postage stamps green guide to conserving the environment we live inAdjust the Thermostat

Buy Local Produce

Reuse Bags

Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

Maintain Tire Pressure

Recycle More

Share Rides

Choose to Walk

Fix Water Leaks


Insulate the Home

Ride a Bike

Plant Trees

Go Green postage stamp series 

The remaining stamps in the Go Green series include a single message on each stamp. It might suggest that you walk to work or share transport. Perhaps you can use your garden of yard to make compost or to recycle garden waste. Someone who lives in an apartment may not be able to plant a tree but they might optimize their power consumption by ‘Turning Off Lights When Not in Use’ or by controlling the heating as per the ‘Adjust the Thermostat’ stamp. They might also be able to grow vegetables in tubs and buy local produce. Whatever you chose you will be improving the environment we live in and these tiny paper reminders in postage stamp form are great advertisements to keep us on our toes. Other stamp issues such as Royal Mail (GB) and Canada Post have issued environmental stamps but this one from the US Post is the best and most comprehensive by far.

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