At some point and time in your life, there may come the time that you are unable to sleep.  There are varieties of things that can help you sleep.


Just because you decide to go to sleep, does not mean that your body is ready for sleep. Are you excited about a trip you are going on the next morning?   Are you worried about your bills?   Worrying will not help.  Try keeping a good book by your bed.  Just start reading.   Possibly, you might want to read the Bible, a novel, magazine article, or a self-help book.  I have found reading is very helpful for me.

Food or Snack

A good sleeping tip is that certain foods or snack before bedtime can help you sleep.   Foods such as popcorn, whole grain cereal, cheese, or milk are great for helping you to sleep.  According to WebMD, Tryptophan-Rich Foods such as warm milk, nuts and seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs help promote sleep.  


I find music is very relaxing for sleep.  I like classical music for better sleep.  According to Livestrong.Com, Jill White a registered nurse, emphasizes research indicates the most relaxing music comes from string instruments. 

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t I sleep at night?” This is a very good question.   Be sure to look at what you are eating and drinking.   Caffeine can keep people awake.  I recall observing many of my co-workers drinking Mountain Dew Pop.  I especially noticed many men drinking it.  I thought let me try it.   That was a big mistake.  I stayed awake over half of the night.  I did not get sleepy until 5 am when it was time for me to get up.  I decided to look up the ingredients of the pop.  I really should have checked that before drinking it.  In fact, the Mayo Clinic states that a 12 oz can of soda has 46-55 milligrams of caffeine, which is more that a Pepsi 12 oz which has 32-39 milligrams.  Wow!


Dr. Dexter Campinha-Bacote, Md., states that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that drowsiness causes about 1000,000 car crashes a year.   I recall my deceased husband was in a car accident that totaled our vehicle out.  We only had one more payment on that vehicle too.   He worked second shift and was just tired.  He fell asleep at the wheel on the way home.  I was thankful that he and no one else was hurt or injured. Remember sleep is important to your health. Are you getting enough sleep? [3966][3967][3968][3969]