Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Everyone knows that Halloween is a fun, exciting and 'spooky' fall holiday. Who doesn't love dressing up in fun costumes and trick-or-treating for loads of yummy candy? It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of Halloween and forget that the fun holiday can sometimes be dangerous, both for adults and children. Keeping you and your children safe on Halloween is an important part of the celebration - read on for tips and tricks!

Hallowen Costume

Trick-Or-Treating. Never go trick-or-treating alone. Always walk or drive in groups. Pick an area that is well-lit with many houses in a neighborhood that you're familiar with. Carry a flashlight or a spooky lantern to light your way. Look both ways before crossing the street, and use designated crosswalks when available. Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible and avoid walking on the road. Never enter a home to get candy - always stay at the doorstep as a group. Avoid walking near Halloween candles or open flame decorations - costumes can catch on fire! Make sure you have a few trick or treat bags so that one doesn't get too heavy for a child to carry.

Costumes. Always test Halloween makeup in a small area first to avoid an allergic reaction. Wear well-fitting masks and Halloween costumes that are hemmed to the appropriate length to avoid tripping or vision problems. Wear comforable shoes to walk while trick-or-treating. Add reflective tape to costumes so that drivers can see you in their headlights. Make sure that all Halloween costume accessories are safe - for example, a pirate's sword should be soft and flexible to avoid injury.

Halloween Candy (30818)

Candy. Always sort and examine all Halloween candy before eating it to identify any choking hazards and tampering. Only eat factory-wrapped treats. If candy looks damaged or aged, throw it away! Consider serving a filling meal before trick-or-treating so you aren't as tempted to eat the candy as you go.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Adult Safety. Never drink and drive! Always designate a sober driver to take you home from a Halloween party for your safety and everyone else's. Drive minimally and cautiously. Never ingest dry ice at a Halloween party - if it's being used a prop near a punch bowl or other beverages, be careful not to eat or drink any. Make sure your kids see you get into your costume or with your mask off - you don't want to cause a fright on Halloween if they don't recognize you in your spooky Halloween getup.

Everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween, so work with your neighbors and friends to make it as fun and child-friendly as possible! Consider organizing a group of trick-or-treaters that can walk together, throwing one large Halloween party instead of hopping from house to house, making signs that caution drivers to be alert for children in your neighborhood, and making sure all houses have their lights on and walkways clear and illuminated.