How to become and apply to be a substitute teacher. Realising the substitute teaching opportunities. A guide to knowing the step by step requirements of becoming a substitute or supply teacher.

If you love children, meeting new people, can exhibit working flexibility, go with the flow, and are up for adventure on a daily basis, then substitute or supply teaching may be for you. If you are a prospective teacher, this can be a great way to become a substitute or supply teacher.


Substitute Teaching Opportunities and Jobs

Substitute teachers are always needed at various school districts across the states and in particular in areas like New York City, Texas, Ohio, California or Florida.  The requirements and credentials differ depending on which state you are looking for job opportunities in. However, there are costs to this underrated profession as well, such as lack of a support system and lack of consistency.

Depending on your particular situation, substitute or supply teaching may very well be for you, especially if you possess a confident and outgoing attitude with children and adults.


Benefits of Applying and Becoming a Substitute Teacher

 1) Job Flexibility- most school districts nowadays have an automated system, by which you can log onto the website with a password and see a list of jobs that are available. You have the advantage to choose the ones that interest you. This is great because you have much more discretion to choose the job for you without recourse to explaining it too others.

2) Looks great on your CV- Any work experience teaching children always looks positive to a potential employer, especially if you have been a substitute teacher for various age groups. This demonstrates flexibility and willingness. Employers see that you’ve gotten you are committed to work and have a basic understanding as to what goes on inside classrooms. If you have been a substitute teacher long term for a specific class, this looks even better. You will be able to demonstrate consistency.

3) You set your own schedule- Substitute teachers is can pick and choose the particular days they want to work. So, whether you prefer to work part time or a full week, the choice is strictly up to you. It’s a great part-time job if you just need a little extra spending money. Most districts desperately need good substitute teachers so they tend to appreciate any days you are available.

4) Garner experience so you know which grade you prefer in future- f you have the strong desire to pursue a career in academic education, it is highly recommended that you experience substitute teaching so that you can find out what teaching grade level suits you the best. Grade levels are different, as far as curriculum, standards, lesson planning, and age group behaviors. Substitute teaching is, therefore, a great way to find your grade level niche.

5) Establish confidence working in schools and with children- ubstitute teaching is a terrific way for you to assess schools, and decide whether or not you would like to pursue teaching opportunities as a full time career or job. You might click with the principal, teachers, or children at one school and decide that you would like to get a permanent position there.  Alternatively, the school might not sit well with you for whatever reason. Substitute teaching gives you the option of knowing before you sign the contract.


Downside and Stress of Applying to Become a Substitute Teacher


1) Lack of consistency in the work place - Substitute teaching involves working in different classrooms, and around different principals, teachers, and children on a daily basis. The substitute teaching profession can get very lonely and even intimidating if you don’t know who you will meet day by day.

 2) Pay- Many school districts pay substitute teachers far less than what they truly deserve and this can be a source of frustration in becoming a substitute teacher. Substitute teaching involves the same amount of care and dedication as regular teacher so it can be professionally frustrating to receive far less compensation for doing so.

3) Benefits- Substitute teachers receive no health or dental benefits whatsoever. This is a difficult situation for a potential substitute teacher looking for a job opportunity. However, if your spouse already has health coverage through his or her employer, than this won’t be an issue.

4) Lack of predictability – With substitute teaching, you just don’t know where you’re going to be from one day to the next. It’s hard to prepare yourself for the day’s events. You have to be ready to go to any school on a moment’s notice, since sometimes jobs don’t become available until the morning you work. Regular teachers can fall ill at any time!

5) Lack of familiarity with the children- A lack of continuity can cause the substitute teacher to be less respected by the children in class.  A substitute teacher can become an easy target for the high-maintenance kids. However, becoming a substitute supply teacher will educate you as to whether you can handle an unruly class.