Personalized Easter baskets can work for all different age groups. It's a lot different than just picking up the basic pre-wrapped cellophane basket filled with fake grass at the grocery store. This is a chance to show off your crafting and gift giving skills. Plus, your kids' will think that the Easter bunny loves them.

Start off by making your own basket. You can do this with a thrift store basket and some spray paint. You can line the baskets with different fabrics to get your theme across. If you are giving the present to an older child then stay away from holiday themes. Instead, give them an item that can also work in their room all year round such as a magazine holder or desk organizer. Depending on your fabric choices and paint colors you can make a basket suited for any different style. For a country look or a little girl's room go with a floral liner and a pink or white basket. For a French Country gift for your neighbors paint the basket black, line it with a black and white toile and fill it with your favorite homemade cookies or jams.

To really make the holiday personal you can just skip the basket and make different kinds of gifts. This means that the other person won't have to just store the item all year long which is important if you are giving to neighbors and friends. You could try filling up a terra cotta pot with gardening gloves and seeds for a perfect springtime present for a gardener. You could hand paint a few canvas grocery totes for your friend who is trying to go green instead of giving baskets.

Another option is to create an edible bouquet. You can take this is as literally as you want. This might not be suitable for younger kids; they probably want the more traditional treats. You can use skewers, marshmallows, chocolate and fruit to make an edible arrangement. You could also make cookies that look like flowers and "plant" them in a real flower pot that your friends can use in their gardens later on.

You can tailor the Easter basket to your child's interests. For a teen you could use a makeup bag or an oversized purse to hide all the Easter gifts. Some of the most important holiday memories are the traditions so you can also just invest a little time and effort when your kid is smaller to make an Easter basket that will last for the rest of their lives. Then you can just switch up the overall themes of the items that you put it in every year for a unique gift. If this is the case then go with a neutral white, black or brown basket that won't seem too juvenile when your child is older.

Personalized Easter baskets aren't just for kids. You could do a service project and take a few around to the retirement homes or call a hospital and ask if you can deliver a few goodies to sick children. (Just make sure you know of any dietary restrictions beforehand).