Most people use an internet connection, whether via smart phone, tablet, home PC, or laptop, to connect to nearly every aspect of their life.  While some limit the internet’s role to paying bills, online banking, buying a car, or ordering a pizza, many rely on it as the place for finding anything a person might need.  It is not uncommon to hear of hobby groups, sports teams, friendships, or even serious dating relationships that started as an online search.  With the internet playing such a major role in the connecting of people, why then, would an employer or hiring manager not use this same logic when seeking a quality applicant for a job position? 

From online job boards and electronic application processes to multimedia style interviewing, it is clear that the hiring process has gone digital in most cases.  Long gone are the days of relying solely on a paper resume to land a job.  Online resumes, however, have the ability to give you an upper hand on getting noticed.  Basically speaking, an online resume is an electronic version of a resume that is hosted online.  Whether you build an entirely new resume or simply upload your current document, making it available and searchable to prospective employers is vital.

In addition to making you more visible to employers, having an online resume is also a time saver and convenience tool for everyone involved.  Once you have invested getting your resume online, it takes much less time to apply for multiple positions.  If changes need to be made to your resume, it takes very little effort and you never waste money reprinting resumes that are no longer current and useable.  Hiring managers will also be able to save time by having the ability to quickly access your job history, education, etc. from their computer or phone. 

In addition, the presence of an online resume will give you a chance to show prospective employers that you are somewhat computer savvy and that you keep up with technology.  Online resumes also give you the ability to link other important documents, such as transcripts, portfolios, or awards in a way that allows for easy access.  If an employer can see supplements to your resume with a few simple clicks, they are much more likely to consider them than if they had to request them. 

If you still are not completely convinced that having your resume hosted online is a great idea, keep in mind that it is pretty simple to accomplish.  Creating an online resume does not require any special skills or training.  Most people with a basic understanding of internet functions will be well equipped.  Making the switch to an online resume is also free.  What have you got to lose?