Photo wall murals allow you to get a one of a kind look. Sure, almost everyone you know has family pictures on the wall. This involves taking it to a whole new level. Plus, you won't have to worry about painting an intricate face; instead your focus will be on the overall display and design. Here are a few tips for photo wall murals that won't break the bank.

Get the frame in on the act. You might not want to put up an entire wall mural of your family because the design is so specific. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or you are planning on moving in the near future. Instead, you can just turn basic framed pictures into a mural by how you display them. You could start off with the silhouette of a tree. If you live in an apartment then go with a gigantic wall sticker or decal that you can remove later on. Then you just have to turn it into a family tree by hanging pictures on the appropriate limbs. You can hand paint names, birthdays and wedding dates under the pictures or use wall stickers again.

A family tree mural can be as small or as large as you want it to be. Use black frames and silhouettes for a contemporary or modern design. For more of an elegant traditional look scale it down so it doesn't take up the entire wall although you'll probably want to keep the full height. Then you can add on beautiful little silver frames.

Another take on the family tree project is to just use frames that are painted on the wall or wall stickers. This creates a graphic effect that could work in a formal dining room or an over the top nursery. Then you can print or decoupage the pictures over top. You could also just trace your family's basic facial silhouettes and stick them inside the frame. This is very contemporary but also has a Victorian appeal. Plus, they'll probably get noticed a lot more than basic family photos. Keep the silhouette the same color are the frame because there won't be any shading. This way it will almost appear like an intricate locket or cameo that has been placed on the wall. The focus will be on the shapes instead of colors.

You might want to have a less specific mural that is still unique. This is where a custom mural service comes in. You could blow up a work of art or even a favorite photograph from a vacation. You might want to get out a magnifying glass and make sure that every tiny detail is in place so you don't have any surprises with the finished project.

Photo wall murals aren't just for a kid's room. You could blow up pictures to use in the entryway of your office. This will give your customers a unique first impression and it may even be how they remember your space. Photo wall murals allow you to turn your family into artwork. You can still see the same faces that you know and love but they become an integral part of the decor.