Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life which most of us are lucky enough to have. Shelters such as our homes keep us protected from the harsh aspects of nature. Did you know that you can bring a protective shelter with you whenever you step out of your home? Gazebos are designed for this very purpose. Gazebos are a type of portable structure with a fabric top that provides shade underneath. In this protected space, users are free from the harsh sun and pouring rain. The best part is that you can set them up just about anywhere, including at your kid's ball game or at a family picnic.

Standard gazebos are the cheapest ones you can buy, and work well for basic purposes, but are not very portable. Standard varieties require users to assemble the structure every time they take it somewhere. This works well for protecting stuff in the backyard, but what if you want to take it with you when you travel? That's where pop up gazebos come in. These gazebos do not require assembly during Pop Up Gazebosetup and can be erected in minutes. The frame is jointed, meaning that it can flex between full size and closed positions. When closed, they are small enough to fit in a car's trunk without much trouble.

Activities of all types can be enhanced when you bring a pop up gazebo along. Users can take a reprieve from the harsh sun and the beach or the park. Merchants can keep their merchandise safe from the sun while at a local market. The possibilities are endless. This superior protection is provided by a fabric cover on the top. This fabric comes in many colors and is usually lined with plastic on the underside to make it waterproof. The darker colors generally block out more light than the lighter ones.

Erecting an easy pop up gazebo, no matter the size, is an easy process. You start by pulling the top open and locking it into position. Then, each leg is pulled out until it is fully extended. The flexible frame locks into position and stays rigid until you take it down. To keep it in place once erected, it can be secured to the ground with stakes. This prevents the relatively light structure from blowing over in the wind. Some gazebos have tiered vents on the top which allow air to flow through which still keeping sunlight out.