There are many different options that an individual has when they decide that they want to purchase a new bed. There are also many different reasons why an individual would want to purchase a new bed. No matter the reason, there comes certain times when an individual feels the need to purchase a new bed or even a different size mattress if they feel the need to expand or decrease their bed size. There are many different sizes of beds and different styles that beds come in that an individual is sure to find the perfect one that will meet nearly all of their needs. 

Sleigh Beds

What Are Sleigh Beds?

Sleigh beds are a term for a fancier type of bed that does not have a conventional type of design. Sleigh beds can be wooden beds or they can be made out of numerous other types of materials as well. The "Santa's sleigh" type design that a sleigh bed features is unique and modernized due to the fact that it has a more curved appearane that will work with many different types of interior design styles. It does not feature the wooden rails around the whole bed but it does have a curved design in the front and the back of the bed. This bed has become very popular lately and can come in many different forms and colors.

What Is A Captain's Bed?

A captain's bed is one that is typically smaller but it has room for much storage space that can be found beneath the mattress area. Usually the storage drawers are very spacious and it can feature many, typically up to six, storage areas in which an individual can choose to store clothing or other personal items. These beds can also come in a wood type material, made to look like wood, if not made out of wood itself. They usually come in smaller sizes that hold twin sized or full sized mattresses, hence making them well suited for a child's room. These beds are convenient for areas that do not have a lot of storage space. 

There are many different types of bed frames from which an individual can choose when they are looking to purchase a new bedroom sleep set. An individual can purchase these beds in a local department store, a specialty store, online, and even through mail order. An individual will want to spend time on thorough research beforehand so that they can purchase the perfect bed for their situation.