Almost everyone wants a complete guide to real estate in this age of investment and venture. What real estate really means is a significant question aroused in many brains interested in money making. This guide to real estate shall cover all features and aspects of the topic which are quite necessary for a person who is going to invest his money in this growing trend. Most of the people feel it difficult to digest the full meaning of real estate investment. There are many websites available aimed at defining, explaining and guiding the seekers to a well-established investment. You will find this guide wide-ranging, exquisite and touching almost every portion of the issue.

What real estate really means to you.

Getting familiar with real estate

Residential estate and commercial estate

Housing Tenure

  • Public housing
  • Tenancy
  • Proprietor occupancy
  • Condominiums

Multi-Unit housing

  • Ambulatory house
  • Townhouse
  • Marquees

Real Estate Investment

Time Value



Loss Jeopardy


What is Real Estate?

Real estate denotes to real property like land and it is also called realty. It is opposite to personal property like cash, goods etc., and personal property is also known as personality.

Getting acquainted with real estate

Getting familiar with this practice is neither simple nor intricate. All you need is to avoid emotions be mixed with you. This is the valid secret following the success. Never be too emotional to spend all of your money. You need to undergo excessive discussions and one-on-one meetings with experienced real estate advisors and dealers.

Residential and Commercial

First decide what type of business or dealing you want to undertake. Whether it is commercial or residential? Residential real estate is an accord concerning the right you give to the inhabitants. It includes tenancy, public housing, proprietor occupancy and the condominiums. All these types of housing come under the clause of housing tenure.

  • Public Housing: It is a housing program that is financed, held and managed by the government.
  • Tenancy: The right you give some one to use your property for a specific period of time.
  • Proprietor Occupancy: It is completely a home possession.
  • Condominiums: It is a specific house-like unit possessed by a person within a huge building, and also known as condo.

Multi-Unit Housing

Habitations and residence possession differ when it is concerned with the continents of Europe and N. America. Multi-unit housing is actually an attached unit housing project which includes ambulatory houses, apartments, marquees etc.

  • Ambulatory housing: It involves those buildings which can be moves with the help of wheels like in N. America.
  • Apartments: These are smaller units segregated by walls or any other partitions.
  • Marquees: A house whose walls and roofs are made of fabric.

In British, the phrase ‘Real Property’ is used instead of ‘Real Estate’ which is used in United States. Businesses of real estate in Canada, Mexico and other countries are somewhat different from United States. In former countries, prices of lands and its taxes to be paid are cheaper compared to that of US. There are other umpteen differences which can be taken into knowledge by many means. As per business spectrum it covers ranges from Appraisal (It is a professional assessment facilities), Development (Addition or removal of edifices for improvement), Corporate real estate (dealing with property possessed by a corporation), Real estate marketing (sales and purchases), Real estate investment, and Brokerages or Agency (A go-between who earns a commission to ease a real estate business deal between the two parties.)

Guide to Real Estate