A rustic dining room is a very durable style that can be at home in a log cabin. You can also transition this into the city if you just have always wanted a country house but you've never been able to get there. Here are a few tips to design a rustic dining room.

Decorate with a sense of history. If your home is lacking character you'll want to bring in architectural details. This may include installing a barn like wainscoting around your room. You can always paint it a bright white but the rustic texture will remain. This can help you bridge the gap between traditional and rustic design. This is also one of the few design styles where it's perfectly acceptable to have chipped paint on your furniture so it's great for families. It also allows you to show off the beauty of inherited pieces. This is a great opportunity to mix and match different furniture pieces. You don't have to go out and buy all new pieces. You may already have a lot of the items that you need in your garage or attic. This is a great way to backlash against modern consumerism and just get a unique style that feels like home.

Bring in furniture with a sense of character. Rustic furniture can be made out of logs or wood. You can even bring in more modern parsons chairs with this design style if you want your rustic room to have more of a contemporary look. You can try layering different paint and glazes on top of your existing furniture to make it look antique. It can also be useful to bring in some distressed elements. This allows you to give character to your existing furniture set, save money and get the exact look that you want for your room.

Experiment with color. This type of dining room isn't just about country knick knacks or animal hides. Skip cheesy accessories and get to the heart of the design style; which is family, home, and good food. This will mean different things to all different kinds of people so it's a very useable and livable design style for your family. This is a way to prove that you can have a usable space that you can live in every single day and still have a high end style. Any color you choose should kind of look a little bit worn and weathered. This assures that you can bring in brighter colors that won't overwhelm your space. It also allows you to mix and match different colors because everything will have a gray tone to it. You can also imitate this style with a gray or white paint that would in most cases seem very modern, but in this style can work with a rustic room.

There are a lot of different tones that you can use with this kind of decorating. Of course, you can be inspired by nature and go with the basic green or brown colors. Another option is to look to an old farmhouse and the beautiful worn plaster walls. This will bring in a modern color palette such as gray and white. In this case you probably want to add a little bit of character with painted furniture in a brick red or weathered blue.