Shabby chic home decor adds femininity and softness to a room. This is a way to get pink in your room without going overboard with pink paint. Plus you can create the look in an apartment so it doesn't look so much like an apartment. You can go on a treasure hunt to gather up items that will totally transform the look of your space.

Decorate with white. This is a really easy color palette to use because you don't have to match anything or paint your walls. The secret to this design style is that there are so many different surfaces and textures in this design style that too much color would make it seem too much like a little girl's room. Instead, sticking with neutral tones like white keeps things sophisticated. What this means for you is that you can just leave plain white sheers on your curtains and take off the duvet cover from your goose down blanket. A lot of design is just uncovering what is already there instead of buying all new things.

Find faded patterns for your room. For a literal space this would be some kind of floral print. However you don't want to go overboard or else you'll lose the peaceful feeling that comes with this design style. You could stack up hat boxes on your desk for stylish office storage. You can also give it more of a subtle romantic feel by layering rose sheets that will just peek out from the rest of your bedding.

You'll need some kind of chandelier for this kind of style. It might not even be necessary from a lighting standpoint if you have recessed lighting but from a stylistic standpoint it's an absolute must have. You can always just find an oversized candle version of a chandelier; just don't leave it unattended.

Use elegant accessories. Vintage items work really well in this design style. It's also a chance to showcase all of those heirlooms and treasures that just don't fit in with modern and contemporary designs. You can layer a lot of vignettes on end tables to showcase your own personal design aesthetic. You can bring in roses, frames and candles and put them all on the same table. The biggest problem you'll have with this design style is knowing when it's time to quit. Not every surface has to have something on it. This will keep your workspaces useable but will also keep your room from feeling matronly or cluttered.

You can leave your room all white or bring in an accent color. The accent color(s) you choose should be subtle and nature inspired. You can work with a worn turquoise, taupe, pink, or green. This style really doesn't focus on bright pops of colors; instead the attention should go to the scroll work and intricate details of your furniture and home accessories.

Shabby chic home decor is inviting and feminine. It can work in any room in your house from the master bedroom to the nursery. You can create this look with just a few fabric choices and decorative accessories. This will allow you to give a basic white room high style in just an afternoon.