Everyone wants good skin. With good skin, you not only look better, but you can gain more confidence, which can make you more outgoing and cause others to pay more attention to you. Whatever is wrong with it, there are many different skin care treatments available today over the counter or through your doctor or dermatologist that can solve most skin problems. Your options for skin treatments can include cosmetic surgery, laser procedures, chemical peels, and lotions, creams or soaps.

Despite all the advanced technology available to us today, many times the best skin care treatment is still keeping your body healthy overall. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Also make sure to avoid sun exposure to your skin. Most premature wrinkles and other skin problems are ultimately caused by years of sun damage to your skin.

Facial Skin Care Treatment

Skin care for you face usually involves removing scars and imperfections to make you skin tone even and allow you to put your best foot forward when meeting people. The most common way to do this, especially for removal of acne scars, is to have an IPL facial or laser resurfacing treatment. These two procedures remove anything from scars to sunspots and other skin tone imperfections from your face. Laser and IPL hair removal are also popular options for removing unwanted hair from your face for women.

Two other options for facial care are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Chemical peels are at home treatments that remove the top layer of your skin. This reduces the visibility of sun damage, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems. Microdermabrasion kits are also available for at home treatments, but they are much more effective if you have them done at your dermatologist's office. They are relatively quick procedures that are designed to remove the top few layers of dead skin cells and deeply clean your pores.

Acne Treatment Skin Care

There are a plethora of products on the market today designed to fight acne. Most of these are in the form of take home soaps and creams to clean the dirt and oil from your face. Some are very powerful and effective. Try to find one that has no oil added to it.

If your face doesn't respond to these treatments, one very new option open to you is blue light therapy. This procedure uses a laser to target and kill the bacteria that causes acne. It is rather expensive, but if your acne is stubborn and won't respond to other treatments, it may be just the thing you need to finally beat acne.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment

A great deal of money and research has been poured into developing and marketing anti-aging products in recent years. You practically trip over anti-wrinkle creams designed to prevent the appearance of find lines in drug stores now. Take their claims with a grain of salt. These creams generally do reduce wrinkles over time because they use different chemicals that help your skin repair itself over time. It does take a lot of time however, so don't expect any results overnight.

Two other treatments that will give you instant results are collagen and botox injections. Collagen is an injection of the collagen protein. Collagen helps to rebuild many of the frayed connections between skin cells that cause wrinkles. Botox injections are actually made of a strain of the botulism virus into your skin. Your skin swells slightly as a reaction and this makes your wrinkles go away. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of both of these injections fades with time and you will have to have them redone if you want to keep the effects.

Treatments for Other Skin Ailments

There are many other common skin ailments that you can find treatments for. Three of these are warts, eczema, and dermatitis. Warts commonly are found on the feet and hands and are caused by a family of different viruses that infect the skin. They can be removed by covering them with duct tape or you can pick up a wart remover over the counter from any drug store. These removers come in many different styles and options, from freezing to solutions of salicylic acid. If your warts are big, painful, or stubborn to remove, you can also pay a visit to your doctor to have the frozen or burnt off.

Another common skin ailment is eczema. Eczema is an inflammation of the top layers of skin. Unfortunately, it can't be cured, and you can only treat the symptoms by applying moisturizer and trying not to scratch the affected areas. This can be particularly troublesome in cases of baby eczema, where its almost impossible to stop a baby from scratching its skin. Contact dermatitis is also treated by applying moisturizer. The best way to get rid of it is to find out what substance exactly caused it and avoid it from then on.

There are a large amount skin disorders that affect humans, luckily today technology has advanced to the point where we can cure most of them with skin care treatments. Make sure to do your research first and consult your dermatologist if the problem is especially bothering you.