Streaming Films and Movies

Use your TV not your PC

With the advent of increased network speeds and unlimited broadband the UK and I suspect across the planet there have been a variety of companies set up to take advantage of video streaming capabilities. As we move towards 4G broadband I expect the popularity of these video and TV streaming companies will rapidly increase,

 This beginners guide highlights what you need to do to get started using one of the streaming providers. If you need any further details you know all the information is out there on the web

 Check Your Speed.

 Vital in receiving steamed content is a network that can cope. This consists of 2 parts. Firstly make sure you have the required network speed and secondly that your download limits are sufficient. Of course you can check this out with you  ISP but there are useful sites out there to help you. i.e. “”.   It is best to measure the speed during peak hours of 6pm to 11pm.  This is when transfer limits will be lowest and you will get a real picture of how your network will cope. Most movie streaming companies recommend a speed of 2MBs (16Mbps) to achieve the best performance.  It you don’t want  to pick up an unexpected bill at the end of the month make sure you get yourself a broadband provider that offers unlimited bandwidth usage.

 Get a Set-top Box

 Once you have confirmed you network is capable of supporting a movie streaming service you will need to get access to a device which will plug you in to all the net has to offer in terms of streaming TV.  You will not only get access to subscription based services such as Lovefilm and Netflicks but also lots of free TV.  Games consoles including the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii will provide this service however you can also purchase set top boxes which will do the job. One such box I would recommend is the "Boxee".  This gives access to all the free TV and offers it to you in a neat front end.

 Subscribe to a Service.

 In theUKthe two main competitors are Netflix and Lovefilm.  They both offer trail services and I am sure this is also true of other services in other countries. As the names suggest Lovefilm is more geared to the movie lover as it has a bigger film library (although it missed out on universal). Netflix has more TV series including many hitUSshows.  However don’t worry if you think you have made a mistake. Both services only tie you in for a month and it is easy to switch between the two.

 So there you have it a simple guide to Streaming TV and video through you TV. Of course if you want to miss out the TV bit you can always just use you PC.