Travel clothes for women help get you where you want to go. However, there is nothing worse then stepping off an airplane or a boat and just feeling like a tourist. You've probably worked really hard for a vacation. You might even have spent years saving for it and dreaming about it. Don't you want to look good in your vacation photos once you get back home? Here are tips for traveling in a functional way while still looking great.

Don't skimp on functionality. This is probably one of the biggest barriers to traveling fashion. You don't want your feet to hurt when you are doing all of that sightseeing. Plus, you're on vacation, you don't want to spend all of your time ironing your clothes or worrying about where you are going to find a dry cleaner. This is why the staple tourist outfit of khaki shorts and oversized t-shirts has developed. Plus, clothes also need to be easy to pack so you don't end up paying those extra baggage charges that all of the airlines are so fond of now.

Look for fashionable knits. These are easy to take care of and wear in all different kinds of weather. You can still wear a jeans and t-shirt just make sure that you are wearing the right jeans and t-shirt for your body type. A pair of ballet flats is a comfortable choice for footwear, just make sure that you break them in before you go.

Do your research before you leave. You probably spent hours planning your trip and finding the best deals. Why not include clothes in the same process? Research how women dress in the area of the world where you are going to. Sure, you'll want to buy most of these pieces on your vacation. However, this will give you an idea of the level of formality and the basic color palette so you won't stick out like a sore thumb when you arrive at your destination. Be practical. Try to plan for every possible (or at the very least likely) weather conditions.

Take clothes with versatility. This will help you cut down on your baggage. Everything in your bag should be able to be worn with something else if you are in for a long trip. You can either go with a neutral color palette full of gray, white and black or just use all coordinating tones. You'll also want to include a skirt for any dressier occasions that will arise.

Accessories will help you feel more dressed up even when you are on vacation. You probably don't want to carry your more expensive pieces around the world so go with costume jewelry. You can also pick up a lot of fun belts or hats on your vacation but it doesn't hurt to have a few staples with you.

Rethink how you feel about the way your clothes fit. For a lot of women, comfortable means oversized. This can also look frumpy. Instead, invest in clothes that fit you properly even if they are made out of the same fabrics. This allows you to look chic on your trip but you'll also be investing in pieces that you can wear everyday once you get back home.

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing is a convertible dress. You can tie and wrap this in different ways to create seven different looks (or a lot more). This allows you to change your wardrobe when you are on the road. This way when you get there you can decide whether a small sleeve or a strapless gown is more appropriate. Of course, this also means that you'll be wearing the same thing day after day. Keep the piece neutral and skip the crazy prints. Instead, go with basic black. Most people will just wonder how you fit ten different dresses in the same bag.

Use subtle pattern and texture for interest. Just because your clothes are neutral doesn't mean they have to be boring. Mix and match soft corduroys. Include at least one pattern in your travel ensemble, even if it's a basic striped shirt. This will give a little life and personality to your outfit. If you are taking t-shirts; make them something special. You might be able to find a basic tank with ruffles on it for a trendy look. This is just as comfortable and practical as a basic tee but it's a heck of a lot prettier. Find pieces that are simple but also have a special air to them.

Dress up denim. This is another staple in wardrobes that doesn't always do the tourist justice. If you are wearing capri paints, go for a pair that fits to perfection. Create a vintage look so you seem chic instead of frumpy. "What Not to Wear" host Stacy London always puts women in a darker wash jean because apparently it's more flattering. This will also help your outfit seem a little more elegant. If you're wearing a basic pair of jeans find a way to add a little pizzazz. This can be as easy as wearing an oversized belt. This ensures that you are comfortable and your clothes are affordable but you also won't sacrifice style.

Add in a little bit of color. You probably want to blend in when you travel, especially if you've never been there before. However, you may only meet Europeans once in your whole life. Why not let them get to know you? Bring a brightly colored staple along that will match with all of your neutral clothes. You might want to go with a yellow trench coat, or a purple handbag. This way your husband will always be able to find you in a crowd and you'll still be able to show off your personality.

Travel clothes for women have to bridge a lot of different areas. They need to be easy to take care of but fashionable. They also need to be comfortable and fashionable. Oh yeah, they should also be fashionable. Make sure that you don't regret any aspects of your trip by ensuring you have a wardrobe that takes you places.