Malaria occurs when one is bitten by an anopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes bred during rainy season on stagnant water. For one to know whether he is suffering from malaria, there are symptoms, prevention and treatments for malaria.

You may know if you are suffering from malaria once you experience headaches which are very severe, vomiting, loss of appetite for some foods especially fatty foods, abnormal sweating and sometimes coughing. You should go to a health centre for test. Never treat yourself in any way. You may end up treating another illness. The doctor will removes some blood from your body and test to know if you are suffering from malaria.

Treating malaria
It has been reported that, malaria is killing many people per year. Men, women, children and even the unborn through their mothers can suffer this infection. Solution to save lives has been found at is now easier to treat malaria. Once you are diagnosed with this kind of disorder, drugs and injections from a qualified doctor can be used for treatment. Never buy medicines off counters. The best medicines are prescribed by the doctor.

Preventing malaria
It is very easy to stay free from malaria. There are steps that you can follow to avoid contracting this illness. The first step is,

Make sure you fill all the pot holes around your homestead to avoid breeding of the anopheles mosquitoes during rainy seasons.  It has been discovered that, anopheles mosquitoes like breeding in stagnant waters.

Cut all the grass around the compound. This will also reduce their breeding. At night, use a treated mosquito net to cover your bed. Confirm from your doctor the best pesticide to use for treating your bed net. Pesticides can also be used to spray around your house where these anopheles mosquitoes can be hiding.

If you are traveling during rainy seasons, take some medicine to prevent you from getting malaria. It is good to avoid travelling to places where you can easily get malaria. There are specific lotions used to apply on your body to repel the mosquito bite. If possible use them.

Light up your house at night. Mosquitoes like hiding in dark places. Make sure that the light can reach all the corners. Close all the windows and the door to avoid them from entering into the house. If there is an outbreak of malaria, it is good to avoid going to places which are most affected.