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Every great outfit starts with a comfortable foundation. Choosing the right pair of underwear can mean the difference between a chic, sexy silhouette and visible panty lines and a bulky fit. Online retailers like JCPenney and Bare Necessities carry a variety of underwear cuts, from a barely there thong to the full coverage and slimming style of a pair of cotton, contouring briefs. Your choice should make sense for you. Just pick the styles that make you feel relaxed and beautiful, and you can't go wrong. Here's a quick guide to some of the most common underwear cuts available for women:


The thong is the go-to panty for eliminating visible lines under your clothes, with a triangular front panel, thin or lacy straps and virtually no coverage in back. If you're not ready to bare it all, try a G-string, which keeps the panty lines to a minimum while offering slightly more coverage than the average thong. The G-string also features a thin, strappy waistband. Less well-known but just as effective is the European tanga, which offers minimal to moderate coverage. The key to finding a comfortable but sexy panty is the available fabrics. In general, stretch lace or cotton is the best choice, especially if it's blended with a little Lycra for extra stretchiness.

Short and Sultry

When you need modest coverage but don't want to look like you're wearing granny panties, try a saucy pair of boy shorts, or culottes, to preserve your silhouette. If boy shorts are too bulky for your tight-fitting clothes, try a hipster instead. Styled to be both a brief and a bikini, the hipster provides a snug fit under your favorite pair of mid-rise pants. Of course, cotton is always a great choice for panties, although you might try lace or mesh fabrics for a racy change of pace.

Classic Comfort

Looking for a trim fit but with more coverage? Try a bikini-style panty with an average or low-rise waistband, or the slimmer profile of a string bikini. Seamless models made from microfiber and mesh materials are especially good choices. Bikini underwear allows you to be sexy and modest at the same time. It is an excellent choice under suits and other work clothes.

Modest Coverage

Classic styling and full coverage are the hallmarks of a great pair of briefs, making them extremely popular for older women. Choose from a basic style, featuring a medium waistband and average cut around the legs, or try out a taller waist with hi-cut legs. Some high-waist briefs also include contouring panels that slim your stomach or derriere, leaving you with a smooth figure.

Lounging Around

Although not always practical, boxers are a more masculine choice that's especially popular among younger women. Boxers can sometimes be bulky under clothing, although they're perfect with a comfy T-shirt for just lounging around the house. They're also great for sleeping in when you want coverage but it's just too hot for a full pair of pants.