Many people have problems with self esteem and feel very unattractive from the outside towards their peers.  Although attractiveness has very little to do with the person on the outside.  Most often people confuse the words charisma and good looks.  Charisma is the shine that a person emits that draws others towards them while good looks may be the big muscles or big breasts.  Charisma is an art that many people have trouble grasping or mastering.  Secrets to being charismatic involve three main ideas confidence, compliments, and conscience. 

Confidence is the ability to lead, and more than lead look strong headed but allow people to believe you know what you are doing.  Confident people do not allow negative words to enter their vocabulary, they believe anything is humanly possible and with any amount of work they can achieve anything.  They strive to achieve the highest they can and when they walk into a job interview they shake hands strongly, they smile, and they know from the first few seconds they got the job.  And the person on the other side knows they have found the perfect person for hire.  Being confident requires a love for oneself, the training to remove negative thoughts from one's mind, and to practice over and over again.  After a long while confidence will come and people enjoy the company of confident people.  They feel safe and assured that this person is taking care of things.

Compliments is another interesting but logical concept, it involves complimenting everyone around you.  The ability to notice minuet details in your peers can be difficult but if you practice the skill it will come more naturally.  People love admiration, so being that charming person to give it to them will make them admire you as well.  By complimenting others you allow them to feel accepted by you and by that they accept you.  Complimenting people can be as easy as admiring a piece of jewelry, a thought or idea they propose, or even their shoes.  Complimenting can be hard or nerve racking and developing this skill into a comfortable form of speech may difficult at first. It is important that the compliment is said in a safe and friendly manner, never in a trashy, sarcastic or overly flirty way.  It may be easiest to start by commiting yourself to complimenting a certain amount of people a day and try complimenting strangers.  Although strangers may seem like an odd choice for someone is embarrassed if you know the chances of encountering the person are very little this should make the encounter less anxious.  Although complimenting can be difficult after a short duration of practice the skill can prove to be vital.

The last key skill to be charismatic is to have a conscience.  Although every movie and novel for the past century have depicted an allure to the "bad boy" no one is going to trust the "bad boy".  It is important to have morals, ethics and a sense of humility.  Take into account others feelings and just as importantly their perspective.  Do not judge, harass or look down on your peers.  It is important to realize everyone comes from different backgrounds, people are presented different opportunities and not everyone is gifted the same.  This could be the most difficult to master but remebering to accept everyone for who they are and their opinions is important even if you feel they are wrong.  

So if all three of these skills are followed then not only will you be striving to being a better you, many people will see the new better you and more enjoy your company.  Remember it is important to still be you, just apply these to who are you.  Being your own unique self is the best thing you can do so do not take these tips as a guide to changing who you are.  Good luck!