Just what is Guided Meditation?

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The mind is considered as an obstacle in the way of effective meditation because it is always full of different thoughts and worries and does not allow the man to focus on certain points. To avoid this obstacle, man has evolved certain techniques that can make the mind speechless. There are methods and workouts that can help a man to observe the constant stream of loud noise generated by the mind.

Mastering the Mind through Guided Meditation

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When it comes to guided meditation, the mind acts as a guide to achieve the desired results; it is the enemy that lives within one’s own skin. The man is the master of his body and soul and achieves this end with the help of mind. Mind has to act according to the wishes of the main as it is meant to serve him. If human beings have sufficient control over their thoughts, they can use their mind for conducting meditation as well.

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This is the main theme of the guided meditation: it is controlled by the mind and the conscious mind has a direct link with the unconscious mind. There are numerous meditation methods and guided meditation is one of them. It is at the end of the yoga class when guided meditation sessions are most likely to occur. The human brain has immense power and this meditation emphasizes on harnessing these powers to make it effective and powerful. It involves the creation of predefined situations and scenarios on the instruction of the conscious mind. These images produce highly contemplative state; remember that eyes are always close in the guided meditation. The specific situations and scenarios are only created with the help of memories, imaginations, creativity or by listening to the instructions from a Yoga Instructor. Recorded mantras are also used for this purpose but reading is out of question.

Audio Meditation

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You have the option of listening to recorded mantras and descriptions, this end can be achieved by two different methods. Either you can purchase recorded material from the market or you can record it yourself and listen during your guided meditation session. This type of meditation helps to provide soothing effect to the mind and body and the person performing can enter any type of prescribed circumstance by using the power of his imagination. In this state, non conscious mind takes hold; it cannot distinguish between fictions, virtual images and facts. Everything listened or recited is taken as fact by the unconscious mind, for example we feel fear while watching scary movies. Conscious mind knows that movie has nothing to deal with the facts but unconscious mind considers it a fact.

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The worries and anxieties are also dealt with by the unconscious mind. Therefore we find it difficult to control our heart rate when we are worried; it affects the human systems psychologically. The other symptoms are sweating of the palm, increase in the heart rate, shallow breathing, fast movements etc. are predefined situations. The mind has the powerful tool of imagination that is not used intentionally but always used passively. I hope it gave an insight into the guided meditation.


In conclusion, guided meditation is the use of unconscious mind to feel predetermined scenarios as reality. Essentially, it helps to remove all worries, anxieties and fretfulness. It is effective in creating harmony between body and mind.