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Choosing Safe Toys

Even when you select the safer plastics 1, 2 and 5, you still need to use them appropriately. Toxins will usually leech out at higher temperatures, so stay away from using plastic containers in the microwave, or using plastic bottles for hot liquids. When cleaning plastic toys or other items, avoid the usage of harsh chemicals that could potentially disintegrate the plastic. Mild soap and water is often best.

Why Are Some Plastics Unhealthy?

BPA and phthalates are types of toxic compounds commonly present in a selection of different plastics. Many of these plastics are built to make the toys that the children enjoy every day, more of this end up inside their mouths. Although research are inconclusive, some suggest that these toxins may affect hormones in humans.

Although government guidelines are becoming stricter when it comes to what elements toys can be created from, there are still many plastic toys on our shelves that contains greater than the encouraged maximum number of these elements.

Phthalates now are banned from plastic toys in the US, and you will find BPA-free plastics by checking the recycling numbers: 3, 6 and 7 have to be avoided. Remember, hand-me-down toys may not have been subject to the laws now in position, so be particularly wary for toxic plastic and lead paint.

It can get confusing and challenging to know whether some toy is safe. If in doubt, perform a little research about the manufacturer. Did they mention anything on their site about toxic ingredients? Can they be devoted to using more natural materials? Are they listed on any healthy toy databases? Although the information can be limited, toy manufacturers are getting more and more wary of what goes into their items all the time.

Avoiding plastic toys is another way to prevent most of the chemicals associated with them. Other options include wood and cloth toys. You may not manage to avoid plastic altogether, but you can drastically lessen the amount you let in your home.

Plastic toys can be extremely frequently used nowadays, but are you cognizant of the medical risks which may can come with them? Many toxins are absorbed into the body from the mouth and, since babies perform a lot of exploring by using their mouths, this means that our kids are particularly at an increased risk.