There is no standard guideline detailing how a maritime security identification card should be issued but laws have been formulated to take care of that. The bottom line in issuing this card is checking on the credibility of the person seeking approval as well as authenticity of the claims put forth. One thing you need to know about when seeking a MSIC is that at no time or from any issuing body will your criminal record be used solely to determine your fate even though it has to be perused over.

Whether you have been a criminal or not the issuance is pegged on the fact that you have accepted to abide by the laid down regulations. Generally, the process of issuing a maritime security identification card cannot be used to discriminate any person in any way therefore it is transparent.
You cannot be issued with a MSIC if you are not fully eligible so this is another thing that any issuing body will strive to determine from you. As such, your occupation or career must be well within the maritime industry before you can be considered for this accreditation since it is designed for such jobs only.

Whether you are planning to open your own business or seek employment from another company you must adhere to this rule before getting your MSIC.
For all the information you submit to any issuing body it must be accurate and relevant to your work. Do not give a wrong date of birth or place of residence as it will be followed up and if found to have lied then you will have to suffer the consequences. Maritime security identification card issuance requires honest people who are ready to give out all the information required failure to which you will be engaging in a futile mission.
Timeliness is another thing that will determine whether you will get your MSIC or not. This process is time-conscious and if you are not ready to submit you application and information on time then you will definitely be rocked out. Timeliness should be in you otherwise you will have only yourself to blame in case the application fails to go through.

Likewise, do not submit irrelevant details that cannot be used to approve you.

Go through that word by word for clarity that whatever you are giving out is right one to avoid any inconveniences.
You must be easily reachable and accessible anytime you are required by the issuing body for clarifications or additional details. For that reason, it is a requirement that you submit all your contact details so that you can be contacted easily in case such a situation arises. If you are out of reach then you will definitely lose out on the approval as nobody will be there waiting for you when there are many people lining up to be attended to.

A background check is very important and is one of the things to be done before you can get your maritime security identification card. This means that the issuing body has to check on your criminal record to determine whether you have engaged in anything that goes against the requirements of maritime zone operations.

This can be either in relation to general transport or the facilities and if found guilty then you might fail to get the MSIC. In most cases, this does not extend to cover the criminal side but it is within the discretion of the issuer to do that. All in all, these are some of the main things that will come up for consideration before you are issued with a maritime security identification card.