When most of us start a business we probably start it with not much more than an idea that we are passionate about. And it is all the more likely that we name it with something that comes quickly to our minds. Most first time business starters do not pay ample attention to the name for the business they are creating. Mid way though the business it will be very difficult to change a company name as you might stand to lose all the market awareness and creditability your business created over the years

A right name can make a big difference in how your business is seen and perceived by your clients. A creative business name will create a very good first impression on your potential customers and make them curious to know more about your company. An attractive business name will also save on your marketing budget and the same money can be used to build better product or service for the clients.

A good business name should be short and easy to remember. Your company name must explain at least some part of your business. It should not be vague and should convey what your business is about.

Decide what you want to convey through your business name - ideally this should be something that the target audience should feel attracted and curious about. Then, start building a list of words that seem relevant. You can utilize dictionaries and word-lists like color-list, gems-list, world river-list, etc. to find appropriate and relevant words.

The words should not be literally related to the product but should be an adjective of sorts that create a distinguishing characteristic about your product in the target market.

Once you have a list of relevant words you can then use industry descriptors and meta-words to mix and merge to create list of catchy company names. If your business is targeted to the global market, check your chosen business name in other language dictionaries just in case the name means something silly or offensive.

Be very objective and choose a business name that is aligned to your business strategy, this will be very helpful as your business develops. Use a modern name that suggests fresh and innovative approach rather than a traditional old fashioned name.

Experiment the name with your friends and relatives. A nice way to do this is to pay attention to their snap reaction when you mention the business name to them. This will help you gauge what your potential clients will feel when they hear your company name for the first time.

There are many online business name generators that can help you in the process of naming your business. These name generators minimize the effort of finding business name ideas by suggesting hundreds of potential names. They take advantage of research tools like wordlists, dictionaries, thesaurus, etc. to dig into the ocean of words and suggest creative and attractive word combinations for business names.