According to experts, most animals attack in two kinds of situation – when looking for food, and when they are threatened. If you do not want to be attacked by an animal, better stay away from them under these kinds of circumstances.

Almost every kind of animal can attack a human if it wants to. Because of this, you should be more careful when handling and feeding your pets. Here are some reminders if you want to avoid being a victim of an animal attack:

  • Do not come near an animal that you are not acquainted with.
  • Stay away from an animal's territory.
  • Do not approach or disturb them when they are eating, sleeping, or taking care of their offspring.
  • Be careful when playing with animals, even if it is your pet.

These steps will help you avoid animal attack accidents. Just in case an animal comes up to you and threatens you, here are some survival tips you may follow if you want to live another day:

  • Know your enemy. While ferocious animals have the ability to kill humans, they all have certain physical weaknesses that you should exploit. An animal's eyes, nose and neck are some of their physical weak points. They also have some psychological weak points like loud noises and aggressive behavior (on your part).
  • Always have a sharpened tool that you can use as a weapon. If you are camping or going to a place where you can be attacked by animals, do not forget to bring a pointed object so you can defend yourself.
  • Make quick decisions. When you are about to be attacked by an animal, every second counts. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you are going to fight or run.

Surviving a bear or lion attack is very difficult, but at least you defended yourself. If you do survive an animal attack, seek medical attention and treatment right away. After recovering from your injuries, you should know if there is party that should be held responsible for the accident. Once you have identified the liable party, you can hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney and file a complaint against it.

Obtaining damages from an animal attack accident is easy as long as you have an expert Los Angeles persona injury lawyer who can prove that the defendant is the owner of the animal. If you become successful in your case, you would recover your expenses, compensation for pain and suffering, and reimbursement of lost wages.