Choosing the right swaddle blanket is important! It could be difference between a restful or restless night filled with many wake up calls from a crying baby. Parents need to examine each swaddle blanket and think about the following categories for selecting the perfect swaddle blankets: (1) safety (2) comfort & quality (3) pricing.


Safety: Parents should always be concerned with safety when purchasing baby products and selecting a swaddle blanket is no different. What risk can happen if you don’t choose the right swaddle blanket? The risk of overheating your baby is a potential problem with swaddling and choosing a swaddle blanket that is too warm (ie. Fleece, thick flannels, etc.) will only add to the risk. Select fabrics that are light and breathable. Those qualities will help the baby cool themselves. Parents can always measure the body temperature of their baby to verify if the swaddle blanket is keeping them warm. (Normal temperature: 97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit)


Comfort & Quality: The babies will give you the answer to this question when you swaddle them. They will cry and will be fussier about sleeping when wrapped in blankets they don’t like. Find the swaddle blanket with soft fabric. Babies’ skin are the softest things you will touch and you don’t want to have something rough against the skin. Quality blankets will have good seam work along the blanket with no misplaced threads.  Read reviews from moms on the durability of fabrics as this will be another indicator of quality. Most fabrics when bought are soft to the touch, but over a couple of washing, could easily rough up. Higher grade cottons used to make swaddle blankets will maintain softness, color, and threading.  Note: Velcro patches on some swaddle blankets can cause durability issues during the washing.


Pricing: In these economic times, the pricing of products can easily sway decisions. Most swaddle blankets are relative inexpensive but there is a broad range in pricing. Specialize swaddle blankets designed with pouches, zippers, and Velcro to help secure babies in the swaddle position are the most expensive.  These items are great for novice swaddling parents who want a perfect swaddle but are not comfortable swaddling with traditional swaddle blanket sheets. The more economic approach is to go with swaddle blankets sheets and learn to swaddle babies properly. There are plenty of instruction directions and videos on how to swaddle on the web these days. The more you swaddle the better your technique.

Example of a Swaddle infant
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