The Metrolink is a railway system which was established in 1991 in Southern California. For almost two decades it has played an important role in transporting employees to their offices and students to their schools. However, the Metrolink has also had several devastating accidents in its 19 years of existence. One of these is the tragic 2008 Metrolink railroad accident which killed 26 passengers and injured over 130 people.

Why do these kinds of accident happen? The following are some guidelines on how to prevent Metrolink railroad accidents:

  • Hire a skilled operator – The train operator is the one in charge of everything – from the train's speed, steering, to the opening and closing of doors. The train company should make sure that their operators are experienced and can maintain their composure even in tight situations.
  • Inspect train facilities as well as the railroad – Sometimes train performance depreciates because of old and damaged parts. Train companies should conduct regular checkups of the train and the railroad route to ensure the safety of its passengers.
  • Avoid driving the train at very high speeds – While trains are built for high-speed travel, they should still be controlled by the operator and not the other way around. According to statistics, trains traveling at very a high speed cause most train accidents in the country.
  • Do not overload the train – When too much cargo and too many passengers are boarded in a train, it may become unbalanced.

These are just some reminders for train administrators who want to avoid railroad accidents and collisions. In case a train accident does occur, the train company would be held responsible for all the damages. Some of the damages they should pay include:

  • Medical expenses of passengers – All the passengers would receive compensation for their medication and therapies until they have recovered completely.
  • Death and burial costs – If the Metrolink accident has claimed several lives, the train company would be responsible to provide financial help to the bereaved families.
  • Lost wages due to disability – Passengers who cannot go to work immediately because of their injuries will receive monetary support that is equivalent to their lost wages for the day.

Unlike vehicle accidents, railroad accidents are more dangerous because trains travel at a very high speed. If a train company does not want to pay millions of dollars as damages, they better follow the tips given above. And besides, they would not get any passengers if they continue getting involved in such unfortunate accidents. When you encounter such accident like this, consult a personal injury lawyer to help you claim your benefits for such accident like this.