Read This Before You Hire Out To A Freelancer

If you are a webmaster or business owner who's in search of original, unique content for your website, you may want to turn to outsourcing. In that case, the good news is there are a great number of of freelance writers online. But, how you do you make sure you get the right one?

Know What You Want

First, you need to know what you need. Let me say that again.  Know what you want and need and that will help you define what it is exactly that you're looking for. Do you want articles that are conversational, informative, or a combination? How many words do you need for each article? What are the key ideas and points that you need covered? Knowing what you are looking for is important, as perhaps even the most experienced writer cannot meet your needs if you're unsure yourself.

Next, research price rates for a freelancer's services. You can't automatically decide what you'll charge as a set amount, because different freelancers charge per their expertise. Look at doing some online research first and check for freelance writers that have their rates advertised. This will give you a good starting point or idea of how much you can expect to have articles written for, depending on the length, volume and quality you may need. Typically, content articles start selling at about $8-10 a page on the low end and can be upward of $100 for more high-quality content at the other end.

When researching content writing rates online, you may come across the websites of writers who you wish to hire. This approach is preferred as it allows you to contact and work with the writers directly, but know that there are other avenues of finding freelance writers as well. This is particularly true about writers who do not mind functioning as ghostwriters. 

Sources to Find A Writer

Craigslist is one method you can use to get yourself a professional article writer. However, know that many writers are leery of these websites, as they tend to be a little spammy and host some scams. So, if that's the route you chose, offer only as much information as necessary. For example, just how many words are you in search of? What are the topics, keywords and primary points for the article? Do you possess a deadline? How much will you be willing to pay? How will payment be sent? Be sure to answer these questions, as it will give writers comfort and peace of mind, which should increase the number of qualified applications you receive.

Freelance writing job sites and websites are yet another way you can find professional freelance writers to outsource your article writing projects to. Online job boards allow you to post your assignments and needs automatically. Once again just be as clear as before,  and be sure to offer as much information regarding the project as necessary on these boards. You should be able to fill out a form and upload your own project quickly and easily.

On the other hand if you find a website or blog, contact the person who runs these websites and blogs by email and get your project submitted. There may be a small fee, but most will do so free of charge.

Online bidding websites such as oDesk and eLance can be used to find professional article providers, and while these sites will help you find a freelancer and save you money, they work by the freelancers petition their costs against each other and you have to know that by purchasing services from the lowest bidder is often a recipe for disaster. Remember, you'll get what you pay for! 

What is nice about these sites however, is the fact that they make it easier and simpler for you to find and connect with potentially quality, yet affordable writers. They work by allowing you to post a project online, then, qualified writers will place bids on the project. Their bids should be followed by samples, making it simpler for you to select the right writer.

So, what exactly should you look for? Remember, know what it is exactly you need and it'll make it easier for you to know who to hire. Do you want interesting articles for your website visitors to read? If so, you want a content writer. Do you want to improve your search engine rankings? If so you will need keyword-rich articles from someone who understands SEO tactics and techniques. In case you are in need of both, find article writers who are experienced in merging the two.

Quality is King

Finally, when looking to hire an article writer quality is key. It's the main reason you're looking to outsource in the first place. Do some background research when looking for a writer and be sure to ask for samples of previously published work. At the very least an established professional should have a website, which is an alternative way for you to look over their published style. On that same note, don't overpay but pay for what you want and you'll get what you need.  The good news, if you know 1) exactly what you are looking for and 2) outline exactly what you need the content to do, you should be able to find a number of quality article writers who charge relatively affordable rates. Articles are typically used to generate traffic for a website that makes money selling a product or by using advertisements. Check out competitors and other types of blogs and websites in your niche to see how much you can make and help keep that in mind when planning your content and article projects.