Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is the new game developed by ArenaNet that will be the sequel to the wildly popular, Guild Wars. Guild Wars is an MMORPG based game where you create a character and level him up and learn new skills, until you reach the level cap. While it never reached success levels of World of Warcraft, it was a game that was loved by many and provided a great gameplay alternative to WoW.

Guild Wars 2's perhaphs biggest advantage over better known competitors is that there is no subscription fee which has become the staple of normal MMORPGs - you will however have to buy the game at retail price, and a copy version will not be playable.

The main new addition of Guild Wars 2 is that it lets you play from up to 5 different races. Of course, everything in Guild Wars 2 has been improved over its predecessor. The map is way bigger, the engine is much more advanced allowing free movements and jumping ability, the underwater zones have been much improved, and skills have become much more distinct from each other.

Guild Wars 2 is a game that puts heavy emphasis on PVP, and there will be two options available to those interested. World PVP will be a mode for those looking for a easy to get into quick fight and will even allow you to get experience as you fight others. The objectives in this mode will see you playing as different roles to keep your World (server) better off than enemy Worlds. In this game mode, you will go in with the same skills and items that you have in the PVE world.

The other PVP mode available is more suited for the hardcore gamers interested in eSport. Anyone can enter this game mode at any time, and be on equal foot in terms of items and skills as the opposition. Guild vs Guild fights will be featured in this mode and it will be the most competitive form of multiplayer going on in the game.

The originial Guild Wars saw different servers for RPG and PVP gamers, but in Guild Wars 2 you will not be able to attack other players outside of the PVP modes so this means that there will no longer be any need for distinction.

Guild Wars 2 will also put alot of emphasis on lore and story development - something they didn't do awefully well in the original. Again, GW 2 will not force players into a grind based play and as a result the max level cap will be kept at a reasonable rate.

Having said all this, there is still a long way to go before Guild Wars 2 is released. The Guild Wars 2 release date is scheduled at 2011 and the beta sometime in 2010. Be sure to keep checking back for more Guild Wars 2 news.