Guild Wars 2. I'm sure many of you have heard the name before, and I'm sure many of you are wondering if it's the titan to bring down the famous World of Warcraft. This game is an excellent release, tt's a beautiful game and has taken a drastically different turn from all of the other MMOs of this day and age with the new leveling system and World vs. World system. The game is beautifully designed and has a simple, but effective, UI system. The gameplay is streamlined and allows for a high amount of customization of gear, weapons and builds, down to the very jewels and runes in your armor or sigils in your weapons. You're also given two weapon sets you can choose to switch between on all but Engineer and Elementalist due to their class mechanics giving them a great number of extra resources.

The leveling system in this game gives you experience for just about everything you do, from viewing landmarks and discovering points of interest to completing events and gathering crafting materials. The "renown heart" system waves goodbye to the old days of quests, allowing you to enter these areas and complete certain events or kill certain enemies to gain progress towards completing the renown heart and earning the experience and monetary reward for doing so. Something else that's new to the MMO genre is the personal story, unique to each character. The personal story is a set of instanced mission zones in which you makes choices and advance along paths unique to your character and move towards the the end-game area of Orr, in which the dragon Zaitan resides and must be destroyed.

Guild Wars 2 - Charr

Guild Wars 2 features eight classes and five races to choose from. The races are the bestial and warring race, the Charr. The magically advanced Asura. The newly awakened Sylvari. The resilient Humans. The warrior-race, the Norn. Each race has its own unique home city and zones, from the Charr's Ascalon and the Asura's Maguuma. Also among their unique zones are their unique story missions, each race having a different background and goal. The classes are the Warrior, Guardian, Thief, Elementalist, Ranger, Mesmer, Engineer and the Necromancer. Each has its own role in combat and its own class mechanics, from the Ranger's constant pet companions to the Warrior's adrenaline-burst skills. Also of note in this game is the lack of a "holy trinity" of the tank-healer-DPS. In Guild Wars 2, there are no "roles". Everyone does damage, everyone takes damage and everyone heals. The customization system in the game allows you to choose what you want to do in the game and how you want to do it. If you want to deal damage through pure brute force, there's a path for it. If you want to bleed your enemies to death through a war of attrition, there's a path for it. If you want to focus on stripping negative condition from yourself and allies, there's a path for that as well.


All in all, Guild Wars 2 is the MMO where it's not about WHAT is the best, it's about WHO is the best at what they do.

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