Guild Wars 2: Professions

If you're a big fan of tanking your way through a PvE world, or smoking your enemies with spells away from the battle in a PvP, Guild Wars 2 has exciting professions for you to play. Currently, there are 8 classes: Mesmer, Engineer, Thief, Guardian, Necromancer, Ranger, Warrior, and Elementalist

Each class has different skills

Mesmer: Reveal Trailer

Manipulative. Bent on mind control and disruption. Mesmers are amazing at confusing, blocking, and disrupting their enemies' attacks. Watch out for illusions, clones, and power draining attacks from Mesmers! 

A newer skill set for a Mesmer is called Mantra. Using the manta skill, a Mesmer can charge up a powerful spell which may take a longer time to cast. Then, once charged, the Mesmer can cast an instant spell with the full force of the mantra skill. 

It's probably wise to stop a Mesmer while performing the spell!

Elementalist: Skills Trailer

Back by popular demand, an Elementalist is an exciting GW 2 class to play. See your enemies engulfed in fire, or disrupted by an earthquake, Elementalists use spells and attacks based around Earth, Air, Fire, and Ice.

A neat feature that Elementalists have is the ability to Conjure special weapons and items to help defend, attack, or provide a boost to other spells. 

If you are attacking an Elementalist, watch out for fireballs, ice storms, and rock-throwing spirits!

Warrior: Skills Trailer

Love to brute your way through a horde of enemies? The Warrior Class is extremely popular because of the ability to tank and dominate enemies with swift attacks or powerful blows. With an insane armor class rating, your Warrior can withstand more damage than any other GW class. 

A Warrior has an arsenal of weapons! Swords, axes, hammers, longbows, and a new feature to Guild Wars - rifles! 

Like GW 1, a Warrior can use a Chain of skills to descimate enemies with a combo of three attack thrusts!

Engineer: Skills Trailer

Finally, a GW class that let's you really tinker with toys - explosive toys! The Engineer class is an exciting addition to GW 2, because you can use weapon kits to create damaging blasts or turret kits to help cut down enemy forces. 

Another kit-related feature is the Engineer's Tool Belt skills. The tool belt skills can enhance a turret or weapon to give you a boost to your health or more damage to your enemy!

Thief: Skills Trailer

Fast. Deadly. Awesome! The Thief class will give you the option to be stealthy and deliver a volley of swift attacks. Much like the Engineer, a Thief can deploy traps to effectively immobilize an enemy group. 

Using initiative points, a Thief has the ability to use a series of weapons (which cost points) to cut down an opponent at close range. Also, the Thief class allows you to enter into battle quickly and Shadow Step out from danger. It's very possible to totally avoid most damage!

Guardian: Skills Trailer

The Guardian class allows you to control a virtous paladin-style warrior. With the ability to protect and defend, you can still do excellent damage with weapons. Similar to other professions, you can summon spirit weapons that protect, attack, or enhance your powers.

Another awesome Guardian feature are Wards. Setting up wards will stop enemies in their tracks, while helping allies gather strength for the battle. 

Ranger: Skills Trailer

Have you ever wanted to harness the powers of nature? Or control the beasts to do your biding? The GW2 Ranger profession let's you do just that! Similar to GW1, Rangers are masters of the bow usually doing massive amounts of damage with armor-piercing arrows. Fast and stealthy, a Ranger can quickly muster a volley of attacks at range. However, rangers are usually weak at close range. 

A utility skill lets Rangers set traps - traps that hurt! Different traps can have different effects, usually dealing damage, applying poison, or crippling an enemy. 

Necromancer: Skills Trailer

Evil. Dark. Summoners of the Dead. Necromancers are heros of dark magic, summoning rancid minions and draining life from enemy soldiers. 

An exciting feature is the ability to use Fear to ward off enemies for a short period of time. This gives a Necromancer more time to cast death-dealing spells to suck the lifeblood out of their enemies. 

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