If you are thinking about keeping guinea pigs as pets, choosing the correct size cages to house them is a very important aspect that you need to consider first. Most good pet shops will usually advise you on this, when you purchase this pet. But as a general rule of thumb this is a rough estimate on the size of cage you require based on the number of guinea pigs you plan on buying.

Guinea Pigs Cages1 Guinea Pig : 30 inches by 36 inches
2 Guinea Pigs : 30 inches by 50 inches
3 Guinea Pigs : 30 inches by 62 inches
4 Guinea Pigs : 30 inches by 72 inches

Please remember though, that these numbers are just an estimate, like any household pet, the more space that they available to them the better. So if you plan on buying several guinea pigs, you will need to make sure that you have the required space available to you to house them. There are some guinea pigs cages that are on the market that are extremely small, even if you only plan on housing one guinea pig in them, for the general health and well being of the guinea pig it would be wise to stay well clear of these extremely small cages. I know that the cheap price might sway some people into buying them, but its always best to spend that extra cash on a bigger cage, that will allow your guinea pigs to run around in.

Benefits to bigger Guinea Pigs Cages

Because they have more room to move around and play in, they generally become more fit and healthy. Guinea pigs that are housed in small cages are more likely to be overweight and unhealthy. Like humans, this pet can get bored at staring at the same 4 walls, some of the larger guinea pig cages in the marketplace, have different levels and runs that they can move around in for a change of scenery. A bog standard one level square cage, will make a guinea pig extremely unhappy fast. Larger cages are also surprisingly easier to keep clean, this is because small cages can almost overnight get full of droppings and require cleaning. Guinea pigs that live in large cages also tend to be more playable and happy, which means more enjoyment for the owner of the pet as well.

Creating The Perfect Guinea Pigs Cages Living Environment

Your guinea pig has got a large cage to live in, but it doesn't end there. The bedding is the next important aspect that you need to consider. It needs to be able to neutralize urine, be super absorbent and give you longer periods between cleaning and changing. The best material for this is hardwood wood shavings and virgin wood pulp fiber. You will also find that if you buy in bulk, you get it at a much cheaper price and because you will get through quite a lot. It would always be wise to buy your guinea pig bedding in bulk.

Your guinea pig cage, should also be home to plenty of toys and games that it can play with to keep itself fit and healthy and also to stop boredom. The amount of different toys in the marketplace is amazing, and you will struggle choosing them because there's just so many different and wonderful toys & games to choose from.