Looking for guitar amplifier software for your computer? Amplifier software is often just called amp modeling and there are several programs you can use on your computer to get virtual amplifiers, effects, cabinets, microphones, rack effects and other gear a normal guitar player would use. These amp model programs make it easy to get decent sounds and not have to spend a fortune of guitar gear in the process. You also need another piece of equipment called a USB guitar interface to hook up your guitar to and use the software on your computer.

Many of these amp modeling programs feature trial versions you can test out before buying the full product. The sound you get is actually quite good but don’t sell your vintage tube amplifier just yet because amp modeling has a long way to go before it can replace amplifiers. Some guitar players don’t like amp modeling programs but the average person who isn’t a musician really would be hard pressed to tell the difference in the sound. In this article we look at several programs you can use for amp modeling.

AmpliTube by IK Multimedia

AmpliTube is an excellent amp modeling program you can use with your USB guitar interface. This program features a free version with limited amp models and guitar effects you can use.  The program features the Custom Shop where you can try out many different amplifiers, cabinets, and effects pedals for yourself before you decide to buy them. This then becomes a part of your software and you can use them whenever you wish. The sounds you can get out of AmpliTube are quite good and it’s one of the leading amp modeling programs in my opinion. This amp modeling software also features a tuner, speed trainer, and a four-track recorder so you can record your playing without any additional recording software. The recorder is basic but it does a decent job of recording.  AmpliTube now features a version of the software you can use with the iPhone or iPad called iRig so you can take your music anywhere with you. The regular AmpliTube software also features an all Fender amplifier version as well as a metal and Jimi Hendrix version.

Line 6 Gear Box and POD Farm

Line 6 is another leader when it comes to amp modeling software and they offer the Gear Box software which is an older program but it still does an amazing job of recreating various sounds. You can exchange tones with other people using this software. POD Farm is another amplifier software program they offer and it is equally as good for modeling amplifiers. This program features the recreations of many famous songs such as Enter Sandman, Sultans of Swing, Little Wing, Run to The Hills, and many more pre-sets you can use. The Line 6 software is easy to use and there are enough amplifiers with the program to suit most needs. Line 6 also offers many different packages you can buy to expand these programs such as a classic amplifier package or an all metal package. These software programs work well with the many USB guitar interfaces that Line 6 offers such as their famous POD devices like the POD HD interface. Players who use the Gear Box software can access the Guitar Port online and take lessons for a small fee.

Amp Modeling Amplifiers

Many new amplifiers such as those by Roland, Line 6 and more feature amp modeling and you can hook these up to your computer and use the modeling tones from the amplifier to record with. These amplifiers feature a USB port for your computer. For example the Fender Mustang I features the Fender Fuse program that you can use on your computer for amp modeling. Many amp modeling amplifier features tones of effects and pre-sets you can use to create your own sounds. Line 6 features the special edit software you can use on your computer to edit the tones of your amp modeling amplifier. Line 6 models features special foot controllers as well.

To Get Started with Amp Modeling Software

The easiest way to get started with amp modeling software is to try AmpliTube by IK Multimedia or the Gear Box Software from Line 6. You don’t need any special amplifier to sue it and you can even hook up your own effects to the program through guitar cables such as a Wah-Wah pedal to use with a distortion pedal or other device in the program for even more tones and playing capabilities. All you need to use the software properly is a USB device to hook your guitar into your computer. There are many low cost USB devices on the market and most even ship with amp modeling software you can use to get started with. I use the POD Farm and AmpliTube programs and they are both great at creating amplifier tones from many different amplifiers.

These programs aren’t perfect but they are well worth checking out and using in your own playing. They make recording a breeze and you can get a professional sound without investing in tons of expensive gear. Make sure you have a decent guitar cable and you’ll probably want a set of very good computer speakers to make the most out of amp modeling computer software programs. You can use the software on even a netbook but for the best results use a normal modern computer.  A computer with around 2 GB or more of memory should be ideal.  Get a nice set of full headphones and don’t bother with ear buds because you won’t like the sound you hear. Spend some money on quality headphones because it makes a big difference.

Amp Modeling Has Come a Long Way

Guitar amplifier software has come a long way over the years and newer programs keep getting better.  The software isn’t a replacement for a nice amplifier but you can get a number of very good tones out of amp modeling programs. Try them out and see for yourself how versatile they really are.