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Guitar Effects Circuit Freeware.

With guitar effects having circuits built on simple designs there is little surprise that there is an extensive interest in freeware development of pedals. Fortunately, most major designs are found with ease as their internals are extensively copied. In fact many famous pedals have been nothing but reproductions of classic designs. Guitar effects are based on circuits which are freely obtained at several sources.


When learning about guitar effects one must find a place to start. Many of the first circuits are the simplest. A great place to start would be the Fuzz Face. This classic consists of only a few simple components and use parts that are easily and cheaply obtained. Other early designs include the Big Muff Pi, the Vox Wah and the EHX linear drive.


If your understanding of circuitry lacks depth it is a good idea is to visit AX84. While this site is not directed at pedals guitar amplifiers have details revealed down to the smallest components. The smallest changes in parts can have a dramatic effect on sound which is why the folks at AX84 are so useful. They will share their knowledge for free and their forum is among the best on the web.


One of the best places for guitar related circuits is Schematic Heaven. This site's design houses all the classic amps and pedals. They have practically every major design and they are one of the must visit websites. When it comes to effects pedals the big daddy of all guitar pedal sites is This place collects hardcore enthusiast who have even gone so far as to start funds to order boutique pedals and then disassemble them for the schematic. If a schematic exists then they have it.

Solid State

Guitar effects are among the few technologies still based on antiquated designs. Modern circuits are more commonly software driven and open up possibilities about freeware designs. On computers this has manifested itself as widely available VST effects. These Virtual Instruments are quick and easy to download and process any sound you can get into your computer.