If you're looking for guitar effects pedals, you would find this information useful. Because of the wide range of guitar effects pedals in the market, you may find that finding a suitable one might be a little confusing, especially if you are new to it. They are used to create special FX to your playing by altering the sound wave created by the electric guitars before being transmitted to the amplifier. Most of them are activated when stepped onto, so the guitarist can control the sounds themselves. You would find that most famous guitarists have a board of guitar effects pedals, each with different functions to enable swift switching between playing styles. This article will guide you through the common guitar effects pedals available on the market and places where you can get them at a low price.

There are a few types of guitar effects pedals in the market such as the distortion, delay, chorus and the wah-wah pedal. They can be used together to produce a certain sound, such as using the distortion and wah-wah together. While there are actually many guitar effects pedals out there, here are some of the more common ones used during performances.

Guitar Effects Pedals


These guitar effects pedals is by far the most commonly used one among guitarists. As you may know, most amplifiers actually come with a distortion function. So you may be wondering what is the use of getting a pedal specially for distortion. Why not change it at the amplifier and save money on this pedal? These guitar effects pedals are actually used to simplify the switch between a clean sound and a distorted sound. Instead of walking to the amplifier to change the setting, all the guitarist has to do is to use their leg to tap on the switch to change the sounds. This makes their playing smoother and seem more seamless when switching between an effect. While most people look in awe when the FX come in, it is actually just a simple trick of stepping on a button.


Another popular effect is the delay. The delay pedal produces an extra echo effect to the playing, so when a note is played, you will hear an echo of that note a few split seconds later. This is actually done by adding a duplicate sound signal to the original signal at a time delay. A popular song that uses this delay function is 'Where the Streets Have No Name' by U2 where the lead guitarist uses it in the solo.


The wah-wah pedal makes a unique sound by altering the frequency of the sound produced by the instrument. When the notes are played, the guitarist will step on this guitar effects pedals on certain notes to create the effect. This provides a more unique combination of sounds compared to all of them having this altercation. There is also an auto-wah pedal where all the notes played will be added with this effect. This is of course easier to use, but the professionals will tell you otherwise. The ability to play good music also stems from the ability to use the guitar effects pedals proficiently.


The chorus guitar effects pedals resemble a sound similar to a choir or orchestra. It gives a spacey sound to the music created and it is usually used for the chorus of a song, as the name suggests. The guitarist would turn on this effect by stepping on the switch.

Guitar Effects Pedals Board

The guitar effects pedals board is actually a board which contains many different guitar effects pedals. Professional guitarists often use this to organize all of their units in a single place. This allows them to change styles easily without getting the cables all mixed up with different effect units. By using the board, they will be more familiarized with the setup and will reduce the messiness of the wiring needed without the board.

Places to Buy Cheap Guitar Effects Pedals

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can get quite a good guitar effects pedals for under $50. First, decide on the type of effect that you want, and then work out your budget for it. Here are some resources to help you in your search:

Amazon.com - Amazon is a great place to buy cheap guitar effects pedals with the wide range of models it offers. They carry famous brands such as Zoom, Behringer and BOSS, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs. Sort the results by price and you can find those which meet your budget. For example, you can get the Zoom G1N Pedal for only $49 on Amazon. Amazon is famous for selling items at a discount so you can expect to get one up to 50% off (70% off if you're lucky) retail prices. Besides, you can also get free shipping on your purchase.

MusiciansFriend.com - This website is famous among players as there are many cheap guitar effects pedals listed here. This site often offers discounts and promotions during festive seasons, so make sure that you shop there during those times to get the best price available. They also offer a free shipping service all year round on their products.

Elderly.com - This is another site to look at if you are looking for cheap guitar effects pedals. They have a wide range of selection and you can often bundle them with your purchase of electric guitars for sale to save more money.

Guitarcenter.com - Guitarcenter is another popular website for you to look at. They have some of the best deals on brand new guitar effects pedals as well as a worldwide shipping service. Sort by brand and price and you will get a perfect selection of the models suitable for you. With this site, you can be guaranteed of the lowest pricing because of its lowest price guarantee where they promise to beat any other advertised price.

eBay - Besides new guitar effects pedals, you can also opt for used ones to save more money. eBay is a great site to search for a second hand one. As long as they are working fine, there should be no problems in getting a used one.

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