Dampit HumidifierGuitar Humidifier - Dampit

The Dampit Humidifier is the very first humidifier that I purchased for my guitars. Not only are they very simple, they work very well too.

To use the unit place your guitar in its case and stick the Dampit through the soundhole and clip to the side. You can then install the plastic sound hole cover, however I choose not to bother with the cover.

Before you use this humidifier, you should know that you need to wring or shake the extra water from the humidifier or risk staining the unfinished parts of the guitar interior.

This is clearly stated in the directions that comes with the unit. While there are are many more expensive and elaborate guitar humidifier systems on the market, if you are looking for a simple, no hassles and economical way to eliminate humidity related guitar repairs, pick up a few of these notable little humidifiers.

Dislikes: The supplied humidity measurement system is not very accurate. Since it tends to be somewhat inaccurate, you get a false feeling of security. A much better option would be a fantastic hydrometer made for monitoring humidity in your guitar case, such as the Oasis OH-2.

Planet Waves HumidifierThe Guitar Humidifier by Planet Waves

All you do to fill this compact guitar humidifier is to fill-up the included plastic syringe and drip it into the sponge material.

To prevent leaking or dripping into your guitar you have to exercise caution not to overfill the reservoir of the unit. Using this humidifier, moist air will travel during the entire case, exposing your entire guitar to humidity.

Dislikes: Loading the sponge just a few drops at a time is rather irritating. I also found it rather inconvenient to cram the unit between the strings, which can throw your guitar out of tune.

No humidification checking is provided and you ought to invest in a good in-case hydrometer so you can closely monitor the humidity.

Herco Guitar HumidifierGuitar Humidifier Device by Herco

When looking for an instrument humidification system for my violins and mandolins, I came across this handy little humidifier.

Being that this device is so small and leak-free, you can position it nearly anywhere in your case. It just uses a simple principle of water absorbent clay within a plastic container.

I used one for each violin and mandolin, but I typically use 2 of them for my classical guitars or acoustic guitars.

It is good to know that since it does not come with any instructions, the best way to charge it with water is to dump it into a water filled cup or jar and let it set for a minimum of five minutes.

Next just remove it from the water, give it a wipe and position it in your case. Just do this every few days. My experience has shown that his little humidifier will not leak and it will keep your wooden instruments humidified.

Dislikes: There is not a humidity monitoring system and you should purchase a good hydrometer such as the Oasis OH-2

Oasis OH-6 HumidifierThe Complete System Oasis OH2 Hydrometer and OH-6 Humidifier

This is the best guitar humidifier system you can buy to protect your fragile wooden instruments in the long term.

The Oasis OH-6 is an in-case system which I feel is far and above much better than the rest. This system will easily deliver the ideal humidity levels of between 30% and 40% throughout your guitar case, which means the humidity will be distributed to all parts of your guitar.

Also you can monitor and make adjustments to the humidity levels by checking the hydrometer readings.

The enclosed clip will allow a flexible placement of the device in various locations in the case.

Couple that with the excellent OH-2 Hydrometer and you have a one-two punch that is tough to beat. I have not had a single humidity related problem since using this them and it has become my guitar humidity control device of alternative.

Dislikes: I have not had any bad experiences with this system.