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Who should use a guitar looper pedal?

Whether you are a one man band, or a just looking to add layers to your guitar sound, guitar looper pedals give musicians the ability to layer endless "recordings" of themselves in real time while playing live. In a small band format, that means a guitarist could lay down a basic backing riff and then play solos over top of "himself." In a large band setting it could mean using the reverse looping features of an effects pedal to create new an unique sounds.

Whatever your reason for wanting a guitar looping effects pedal, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of choices you have. There are many brands, manufacturers and features to decide between. Even style and size can be a factor when choosing the right pedal for your guitar rig.

There are a number of features that you need to consider when deciding which looper pedal is right for you:

1. Recording time- The amount of storage space that is available in the pedal determines how many minutes of recording time you have available to use. Average recording times vary anywhere from 16-35 minutes. Because most loops are less than 30 seconds, you should have plenty storage on most modern guitar loop pedals.
2. Stereo Vs. Mono- Most guitarists don't use two amplifiers, but if you do, some looping pedals allow you to send different signals to different amps to give a nice "spacey" sound.
3. Quantize Feature- Some pedals come with advance quantize features that help "sync" your loops so they all line up.
4. Preset Banks- Some pedals offer different ways to "store" your loops to get back to easily. Some pedals have no presets and each new layer is added directly on top of your previous track, and some offer preset channels you can record to for easier playback.
5. External memory- Some pedals offer "expansion" slots for SD cards to add the amount of time you are able to record.
6. Midi Capability- Some pedals offer Midi input and outputs so you can sync and use your "recordings" with software or other external midi devices
7. Bonus Features- In addition the the looping function that the pedal was designed for, many pedals offer extra features like delays, equalizers, compressors, and reverb.

Whether you're a one man band looking to make a big impression on your audience, or you are a touring guitarist looking for new ways to carve your sound, a guitar effects looper pedal is a great way to expand your pedal board. Before deciding on which pedal is right for you, make sure to review the features listed about and make sure you get everything you want out of your new pedal.