Looking for Information on the Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set? Fender has been a leading guitar maker for many years and they are famous for the Fender Stratocaster guitar. The company also make beginner guitars which are low cost and affordable for everyone. The Fender Squier is a very nice instrument that will suit any beginner guitar player. The nice thing about the Fender Stop Dreaming Strat Playing Set is it also includes a beginner amplifier and accessories making it a very nice package for parents looking to buy their child a nice electric guitar. You are getting something of value when you buy from a leading guitar maker such as Fender.

Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set Features

In the Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set you get a guitar with an Agathis body and a gloss polyurethane finish. The maple neck has a 9.5 radius; the rosewood fingerboard has twenty-two medium jumbo frets. Many beginner guitars don’t have the nice features that this Fender Squier has. The guitar also features 3-Single-Coil pickups and a tremolo bridge. For controls the guitar has the standard Fender master volume knob, two tone controls, a five position switch, and an input jack. The Squier in my opinion is one of the better beginner guitars you can buy.  My first real electric guitar was a Squier and this instrument lasted me for over ten years before I replaced it.  The only modification I did to it was changing the pickups but it works great with the standard pickups it has.

The Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set also features a 15 watt Fender Frontman amplifier which is perfect for the beginner guitar player. You can buy a couple of nice pedals such as a distortion or wah-wah pedal and your good to go. A teenager just getting his or her first electric guitar will love this guitar set it offers a great value for your money. Also included in this set are a bunch of accessories including: stereo headphones, an instructional DVD, a chromatic tuner, guitar strap, guitar bag, guitar cable and pick sampler. I would recommend that you replace the guitar bag with a regular hard shell case since this will protect the guitar. In my experience the flimsy guitar bags just don’t offer you enough protection for the instrument.

Other Reasons to Buy Starter Packages like The Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set

In my guitar teaching career I have seen many students come in with terrible guitars that their parents have bought. These cheap guitars make playing the instrument very difficult and the strings are so high off the fretboard or so old that the child can’t even press down the strings properly. Since their instrument is so poor it’s difficult for them to learn properly and they end up frustrated with their guitar. I always recommend that a parent buy a decent instrument for their child when learning the guitar. For around $230.00 you can buy this entire package and it gives you everything you need to get started playing electric guitar. The Squier is so easy to play that within a few short lessons with a good teacher the guitar student is going to be playing notes and simple chords with ease.  Since electric strings are easier to press down the student won’t get the stress and strain on their developing fingers that cheap guitars put them through. The Squier will last them until they get their own job and can afford to buy a more expensive instrument. If the student decides to stop playing you can still sell the Squier and get a bit of money back.  The Squier Starter Package is a very god value for your money.

Final Thoughts

As a guitar player for over twenty-five years and a musical educator I can recommend the Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set to anyone interested in playing the electric guitar for the first time and especially to parents who want to get their son or daughter into electric guitar. The Squier will hold up and it’s an excellent value in a low-cost instrument. Don’t purchase those cheap sets from a department store; invest a bit more money into something that will last. I loved learning guitar on my Fender Squier, it makes playing the guitar for the first time so much easier. If you want a beginner guitar you can be comfortable with the Fender Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set is it.