While there are other luxury private plane manufacturers, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation stand out for their luxurious and highly capable aircraft. One thing that differentiates Gulfstream planes from other aircraft catering to business travelers is their ability to fly long international distances without having to refuel – a Gulfstream V can fly for a total airtime of over 14 hours, for example – very few other private jets can manage this. So it is no wonder that for business users who need to travel globally, this jet charter airplane line is what immediately springs to mind when it comes to making travel arrangements. These private jets are used by Greek government to transport the Prime Minister and even the United States Air Force use a special VIP version (a Gulfstream C -37B) which is occasionally used for presidential duties.

Gulfstream as a company are best known for their range of G-series aircrafts. These airplanes feature comparatively large cabin space in relation to other company lines, and they can be found in both economy and business configurations. In economy models, up to 18 people (dependant on the model and variant) can be squeezed inside. For those seeking a more glamorous and luxurious journey, models with deluxe interiors can be found which feature fold-down double beds and storage wardrobes – they have even managed somehow to fit in two toilets into these small planes!

As far as in-flight technology goes, no other manufacturer of private chartered jets can surpass these planes. Gulfstream can be considered as being at the forefront of innovation, since they were the first company to use an EVS system (Enhanced Vision System) in a commercial aircraft. In 2005 the company also developed their patented "quiet spike" technology in partnership with Lockheed-Martin and NASA. This extendable device can be extended from the nose of a plane to vastly reduce the noise created by supersonic booms – many see this as an indication that Gulfstream plan to develop supersonic business jets in the near future.

If you are one of the lucky elite that can afford to charter a private jet to take your business colleagues and friends to far-off destinations, there are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you do not end up paying any more than you need to. Much the same as the previous article discussing Learjet charter hire, it is a good idea to either use the Internet or call your local airport to obtain the numbers of international jet charter companies.

Call up these companies and instruct them on your requirements. Generally, a private jet operator will likely first ask whether the flight is to be chartered for business or personal use. You should also have the following prepared in advance:

- What facilities you will require on the plane. As previously mentioned, the range of possible configurations on private chartered airlines is more diverse than you might imagine. By telling the operator whether you have a requirement for a bed, for example, or in-flight Internet access, they can help to direct you to a suitable model that matches all you requirements.

- Food and drink requirements are also something that you should be certain of before calling. If your charter is for a more personal affair then having a bar or snacks on board is a common request. These requirements are important partly because the company will be able to recommend how many flight attendants you might need. Hey, if you are splashing out for luxury private jet then you don't want to have to get up out your seat and serve yourself!

As with any kind of product or service in the luxury industry, big discounts can be gained by persuading jet charter companies to price match any quotes you may have found. For this reason, the more Gulfstream jet charter quotes you manage to obtain, the better your chances of getting the most competitively-priced flights. While commercial airline flights may be miles cheaper, a Gulfstream jet can get you to that important 6 figure business deal on time to seal the deal – and in luxurious style!