Glu Mobile has made it easier to level up and obtain the best gear in Gun Bros with the recent live multiplayer update. Be sure to take advantage of all of the new features available with this update to obtain the best gear and level up much faster. The live multiplayer feature allows you to play Gun Bros with any player on the Game Center marketplace. This will allow you to meet other players with much higher levels and better gear. Adding these players to your brotherhood give you access to Bro Buffs and daily challenges. If you find a high level player with good gear, be sure to add them so that you can use their character for single player games. While playing multiplayer, you will run into a ton of low-level players with low-end gear. Having a high level player in your brotherhood will allow you to always play with a geared character when you can't find another good player online.

Be sure to complete your daily challenges for access to free experience, xplodium and War Bucks. The only way to earn War Bucks otherwise is to pay for it with real money. You will need as many War Bucks as possible to obtain the best guns and gear available in Gun Bros. Be sure not to waste this currency on low end guns or gear because you will be able to purchase enough to level you up with xplodium. Save your War Bucks for only the best guns and armor.

Bokor is the best level by far to gain tons of experience and xplodium. This planet has infnite waves of zombies and can keep you busy for hours. Using a bro with the best weapons in the game, I have managed to get to wave 1300 (even though after 1000 all the waves say 0). If you can find the right camping spots (check Youtube for the best Gun Bros camping locations), find a bro with good gear and obtain good weapons and armor for yourself, you can easily get 400000 xplodium per game and tons of level ups. Stock up on smartillery before starting these games because you will surely need the power ups.

Use these tips to level up faster and gain tons of experience in Gun Bros by Glu Mobile. Feel free to add me to your brotherhood, I am geske1221 on Game Center.