Gunnar Optiks Glasses

Easing computer eyestrain with technology

Gunnar Glasses Review PicThere is relatively new technology that helps our eyes. It is computer eyeglasses. I tried them for about one year and so this is my Gunnar glasses review.

Gunnar glasses are special eyeglasses that ease strain on the eyes. According to a few sites, computers and televisions give off light that is closer to the BLUE side of the visible light spectrum. This type of light is hard for eyes to focus on. The eyes therefore become fatigued after long hours on a computer.

The glasses filter the light and the light appears white and not blue.

My Story

I started using these glasses about one year ago. I found them out of luck.

I was looking at a specialty-item-store online and saw these glasses. The description said the glasses help ease eyestrain from computer use. My eyes are sore after using a computer for a few hours, so I decided to try the glasses.

Unfortunately, the glasses were expensive, but I just got a new job that paid really well. Therefore I didn't mind spending the money for the glasses.

I tried the glasses and got a nice surprise. My eyes didn't feel terrible and dry after spending time on my computer. I now use these glasses every time I'm on my computer.

The Results

Before I had the glasses, I felt discomfort with my eyes. Nowadays my eyes feel moist and unirritated even if I use my computer for a few hours.

There was a time I almost chose to stay away from computers. It was just that terrible on my eyes but after I bought these glasses, I could sit on a computer and my eyes feel fine.

An added bonus: Along with lessening strain I've learned that these glasses help with sleep.

I read on one site a story of two kids who had trouble getting up in the morning. They got these amber-colored-glasses and would use them on their computers. They then had a much easier time getting up in the morning.

I use these glasses consistently and in the mornings I too feel better than if I hadn't used the glasses.

I now understand why. Here is an article published by The Pittsburg Post Gazette.  It explains that blue light prevents melatonin production.

These glasses are good for video games too.

Anyone who likes to play games like Soul Calibur, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I'm a fan of all these games by the way) should consider looking at these glasses. The television is similar to a computer screen because it also has blue light that goes toward your eyes.

Closing Statement

Even if the sites say that these glasses cut strain, I still listen to my eye doctor. I look away from my computer every 20 minutes.

It's not easy to remember to look away every twenty minutes. Reading takes concentration so we forget quickly. In order to remember I set the timer on my cell phone (on vibrate if you're using it at work or school) and look at something 20 feet away for about 20 seconds.

(The 20-20-20 rule if any of you readers heard of this.)

I recommend this rule to anyone who reads this article.

I also don't recommend that you sit on your computer for a few hours. In a way I am a health advocate. I would support healthy fruits, vegetables, green tea, and exercise. If possible, don't spend so many hours on a computer or on video games. Spend time exercising. I personally enjoy swimming. It is good for the body and the mind.

I apologize for stepping off topic but now back to the gunnar glasses review. I'll restate what I've mentioned and even add some ideas:


• These glasses ease eyestrain from blue light.

• These glasses actually help with sleep.

• Your eyes will feel better after consistent use



• Your friends might joke and say "you're going deer hunting"

• The glasses get dirty often and you have to clean them a lot.

• You cannot wear these glasses anywhere else other than in front of your computer or tv. The concave lens makes your surrounding look distorted. After awhile you get dizzy.

• The glasses are not cheap. I've seen them for about $69 to about $120


However even with the last statement, I feel that Gunnar Optiks Glasses are a good investment.

Would I recommend this product? Yes.

I have to use computers, especially now that I take college courses online. It would be very uncomfortable for me to go through a whole term without these glasses.