If you’re a graphic designer or an office worker chances are you stare at bright computer screens in a windowless, artificially lit cube all day then you go home with red eyes, blurred vision, eye strain and headaches. If this is you, then you probably already looked into Gunnar Optiks and you’re probably wondering if they really work and if they’re worth the money.

Gunnar Optiks Anime Eyewear(107444)Credit: Gunnar OptiksCredit: Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Build Quality - Frames

I have used Gunnar Optiks Anime glasses for 2 years now. The glasses are nothing spectacular until you wear it. The frames are made of hard lightweight plastic that sits comfortably on your face all day. Fact is: they’re so comfortable that you sometimes forget you’re wearing them. The glasses may feel flimsy but it is durable enough to survive a 3-4 feet drop. The subtle curves and angles of the Anime frame gives it some artistic flare that suites a senior graphic designer or a fashionable office worker.

Gunnar Optiks Anime Eyewear - Front ViewCredit: Gunnar OptiksCredit: Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Yellow Lenses

The most notable feature of any Gunnar glasses are the curved yellow lenses. The yellow tint provides protection for your eyes by nullifying the screen’s harsh blue light. This may be a concern for those looking into buying their first Gunnars and for creative professionals where color accuracy is a must. 
I’m a graphic designer. The yellow tint has a minimal effect on my vision and it doesn't hinder me from doing my job. It makes any blaring whitespace on the screen more tolerable. It also does a good job in making the screen appear “softer” to the eyes.

Gunnar Optiks Anime Eyewear - Side ViewCredit: Gunnar OptiksCredit: Gunnar Optiks
First Time Wearer Impression

My first impression when I put on my Gunnar Optiks Anime: the glasses fit with no adjustments needed! It seems to magnify what I see and enhance my overall vision--objects seem sharper and everything I look at seem "easy" on the eyes. For some, this new vision might take time getting used to, somewhere between a day or a few hours. It took me a few minutes to adjust. 


After 2 years using Gunnar Optiks Anime Advance Eyewear and after comparing it to my previous custom-made computer glasses, I’m fairly satisfied with the results. I don’t go home anymore with red, tired eyes and blurred vision. My eyes feel better with it. I would recommend this product to anyone who works on a computer all day and for those who drive at night! Overall it's a good buy and definitely worth the $99 tag.