Home-owners often don't even think of cleaning or keeping a regular check on the condition of their gutters. Often, this part of the house is ignored and people think that it just won't matter. Just think for a minute when was the last time you took a ladder and went outside to inspect the condition of your downpipes and guttering. The thing is, this part of your home that you take so lightly does you a big favour and without the system you will notice problems very soon.

Gutter system

The Importance of Gutters

Gutters have a major role in keeping the water out of your dwelling. Gutters protect parts of your home from very serious water damage. Their purpose is to take the heavy flow of water from the roof and direct it to the system of downpipes. Otherwise, rainwater will trail down the brick work of your home. If your gutters are damaged in any way, the water will eventually seep in through the brick work and make it to the other side of the mortar. The result of this is a wet wall cavity which will lead to many other problems such as...

Indoor mould(118596)

Mould growth. The first sign of water damage in a home is the presence of mould. Mould accumulates in damp, badly ventilated places and as long as there is moisture it will continue to spread. Mould can be infectious and even toxic – as soon as you notice it you should react.

Water seeping into the cavity of your walls is bad enough but if this happens near an electrical outlet you're in serious trouble. Upon noticing a damp patch on your house where mould is thriving, you should check the condition of of your guttering. Catching this early on will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. If you are unable to fix this problem on your own there many professional cleaning and home support providers you can turn to for help. I had a similar problem a while ago in my house in Wapping and I had to hire experts to help me fix the problem.

Damaged home

If you ignore or simply do not notice that there is a problem, the consequences will be grim. If water continues to seep in and around a property, the foundation of the house will surely start to move. This happens because the ground in the area becomes very moist and it can no longer support entire weight of the structure. Part of the house may eventually sink in the affected area. A complete overhauling of a structure is a costly expense... just saying.

Clogged gutters

In order to keep your drains in good condition you should inspect and clean them at least 2 or 3 times per year depending on what part of the world you live in. If you live in a rainy area then these inspections should be conducted more often. In autumn, a lot of leaves get into gutters and this can result in a clog. Water will start to gather in the clogged gutter until it overflows and starts to spill from the top. In some cases, the weight of the water may cause for the guttering system to collapse which is also highly undesirable. It is important to remember to inspect the gutters regularly. Check for cracks, if the connection between pipes is solid, look out for loose components. Checking the gutter support is equally important. Fixing a problem in its early stages is always better than dealing with the aftermath.