You're Pregnant, now What?

Well, whether or not your bundle of joy was an expected or unexpected surprise, it is here to stay! I just went through my first trimester, and boy was it rough for my body. Ok, maybe not for me, but it sure was for the mother to be! I'd like to share some of my experiences and some tips from my first trimester of pregnancy. Yes, I did say my first trimester of pregnancy. 

Be Positive

The best advice I can give is stay positive! As a guy, it is natural to think about how you will provide for your future baby. I sure know I have. Don't let your stress bring down the expecting mother! I have taken this new-found drive and I'm writing online. It's so easy for me to stay motivated, it's unreal! Even though, sacrifices will be made, the thought of being a Dad is thrilling. This big change is coming in less than half a year! 

Here is an article, that can help you with the financial situation, Simple Tips to Save Money.

Be Sensitive

As difficult as you think you have it, your new expecting mother has it worse. She may experience morning sickness and sensitivity to foods. Accommodate her needs as it's not everyday someone is carrying your child! Also, your pregnant wife/girlfriend is going to be scared of the coming changes to her body. Assure her she is just as beautiful to you now as she ever was. Let her know, the fact she is carrying your child is something to be cherished. Remind her it is natural and to enjoy the process, from beginning to end! 

Be Patient

Whatever patience you have now, you need to at least triple it. You need to accept her hormones will be fluctuating, and she may not exactly be herself. Don't allow her to use it as an excuse though to get you to do everything. A nice balance needs to be struck! There will be disagreements, but a positive discussion can go a long way. Make sure to hear her out as much as it sometimes pains us!

Get Informed

Make sure to get informed on the pregnancy. I know I'm far behind on reading, but I am making an effort everyday to read a few pages. Ask about new facts she learned or things you need to know about the baby and pregnancy. These things will go a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship. Also, I haven't gone to any pregnancy classes yet, but we've already decided to go to a few in the next coming months. I've been lucky enough to get through life without changing a diaper. I'll need to attend a class to become competent at doing so, and learn some other skills.


Happy Baby!

My idea of using the garden hose instead of baby wipes was not well received! Just look at how happy this baby is with a garden hose!

I have enjoyed reading thus far, "Dude, You're going to be Dad!." It's packed with practical information, and it's easy to read. 


One huge milestone is when to tell the world of your pregnancy! All I can say is this needs a discussion, and you both need to agree. I'd recommend waiting until you have been to the doctor's and they confirm a heartbeat. The chances of a miscarriage are greatly diminished at this point. This time can start as early as 5-6 weeks depending, but normally 8-10 weeks. 


I'm happy with what I have learned and done so far. I'm taking action in my life and already starting to make the sacrifices! I am thrilled a beautiful baby will be coming into my life. I'm also scared and hope I will be the father figure it deserves. I know there are many more lessons to learn, and I hope to embrace the journey! Stay tuned as my pregnancy continues!