Okay, I know it’s not macho, but us guys need a little love and affection from time to time, just like women do.  Men are often too easily characterized as a bunch of sex-crazed maniacs, just looking for a good, quick roll in the hay.  For most of us guys, nothing could be further from the truth.  Do you want to know how to keep your man happy without taking him to the bedroom?  Take a look and see what you could do to keep your guy happy and committed to you.  As a disclaimer, I suppose I should tell you this article is being written by a guy who’s felt burned in the past, unhappy in relationships at times, and just felt like something was missing.  Take it for what it is.

Give Him a Compliment

Some women mistakenly think a man wants to hear compliments about his bedroom performance.  Okay, men do want to hear that, but they also want to occasionally hear a compliment about how they look, or how well they handled a specific situation.  We aren’t just a bunch of Neanderthals these days and even burly, rough and tumble guys would likely appreciate at least the occasional compliment.  Make it sincere and don’t beat around the bush.  Make sure it’s something that cannot be misconstrued.  You know how there are some people you could say something to like “you look really good today” and they immediately ask if that means they normally don’t look good?  Most of us aren’t like that, but how about “you’re a good looking man” or something roughly similar.  A nice compliment from time to time will go further than you think, especially when it’s legitimate and not forced.

A Soft Touch or Rub on the Back

No, you don’t have to grope him to get his attention.  A soft little tushy rub or a soft rub on the back as you stand alongside or behind your man would be nice from time to time.  Gasp – you could even do that in public!  Soft touches mean more in the long run than grabs and gropes.  Don’t believe me?  As a woman reading this, do you get more pleasure from a man you care about softly rubbing on you or groping on you, playing the honk-honk game?  Men aren’t as different from women as you may think in that manner.  The groping certainly has its place, but sometimes, a nice, soft, warm touch is much more meaningful, even to a man.

An Occasional Kiss out of the Blue

A kiss goodnight, a kiss before leaving the house, a kiss after you get a gift…blah, blah, blah.  Yes, these are important in almost any relationships, but how about you spin your man around sometime, out of the blue, and look at him in the eyes and go in for a kiss.  It can be a hard or soft kiss, depending on his mood, your mood, and the situation.  Things like kissing at the same time, every time, can get boring and really can lose their meaning.  Spice it up.

Don’t Make Promises You Won’t Keep

I would venture to guess virtually every man out there has exchanged naughty text messages, or been told by their significant other of all the things they are going to do with them when they’re together next.  That’s great, but us men take this stuff to heart and we believe it.  When it doesn’t happen, it irks us.  Even if you think you’re just kidding around or trying to be sensual, chances are, your husband or boyfriend takes it seriously.  Nothing is worse than hearing of all the things your significant other will do to you, only to have them go to bed early.  I will admit, this one really bugs me and is personal.

Break Up Monotony

Humans, in general, are creatures of habit.  We give each other kisses at the same old times (as noted above), we tend to, after some time, have sex at the same old time, and do the same things over and over again.  A five month old relationship can quickly lose its luster and feel like a 30 year sentence if monotony sets in.  Break up the routine!  It doesn’t have to be sexual! If you both just sit around and watch television, surprise your guy by getting a sitter and taking him out on a date, or do something else to break it up.  While I have no statistical data to support this, I suspect men are much more prone to becoming creatures of habit than women.  Do something to break it up.

Express Your Feelings

Some women are very good at this and others are not.  The same could certainly be said for men.  Why not actually express your feelings to your man?  If you love him, tell him.  If you think the world of him, tell him.  If you truly appreciate him for who he is, let him know.  Some women aren’t good with expressing feelings, especially in person. If you fit this mold, try putting them in writing.  Long lost is the art form of love letters.  A handwritten love letter, left somewhere for your guy to find it, even if you’re not around, is likely to get an incredible response.  For crying out loud, don’t just send it to him in a text.  Either orally, in person, or handwritten are the two best options.

Send Him Flowers

Women want the man of the relationship to send them flowers.  When’s the last time you sent your man some flowers?  I admit, this isn’t the traditional route, but I think most men, deep down, would love to have some flowers sent to them. While I’ve never had this done for me, I have to assume I’d be a little embarrassed at work, and I’d get teased, but I’m sure I would actually be quite touched.  As a man who has always made sure to give out flowers to his significant other, I’m forced to wonder, will it ever be my turn?