Similar to ladies night at a bar or night club, guys night has long been an event that allows close male friends to stay in touch despite the demands of family, work, and other activities they regularly choose to pursue.

All aspects of life are enjoyable, but there is something about guys night that makes it easy to relax and kick back with your best friends. For a few hours each week, it is easy to feel like a kid again.

So how can you keep from wondering what to do the next time you and the boys are planning a night of relaxation? Here are some staple "guys night" options that you should consider. A few are great choices during the summer, and others may be pursued and enjoyed year-round.

Summer Events

Golf. Even if you're horrible at golfing, it is extremely fun to drive a cart around for a couple of hours while enjoying the company of your best friends. The great thing about golf is that you can take it as seriously as you want. Those who simply want to get out for a couple of hours can have just as much fun as those who are gunning for par. Set up an evening tee-time and throw those clubs in the trunk - it's time to make some divots!

Cookout. Nothing says summer like a cookout. Grilling on a warm summer evening is a perfect opportunity to get together for guys night and enjoy delicious food, cold beer, and the company of fine friends. This is also a great option for the weekend, as you can just as easily grill in a park while tossing around a football, or bring food to the beach while enjoying the cools waters of your favorite body of water.

Year-Round Ideas

Poker night. Who doesn't love getting together with the guys for a friendly game of texas hold 'em? Somebody bring the poker chips, another bring some potato chips, and everyone can bring a six pack of their favorite beer to pass around. Card games make for a great night of friendly competition in an atmosphere that still allows for enjoyable conversation.

Sporting events. Whether it be attending a football game, basketball game, or baseball game, sporting events make for the perfect excuse to get out of the house and meet up with the boys for a night on the town. Meeting at a bar before the game provides plenty of time to catch up before the athletic entertainment begins.

Watching the big game. For those who prefer to stay home, watching a game on the big screen can be just as satisfying as attending the live event itself. Invite everyone over to your place for the next guys night, bringing the sporting event to you, and you will be able to avoid excessive traffic, large crowds of people, and the expenses of tickets and concessions.

Live music. If you like a more energetic, late-night atmosphere, watch the local advertisements and entertainment listings for good live music. Though live music often makes it hard to talk, it is still much more fun watching a band play while accompanied by good friends. If you get to the bar early you won't only have prime seating when the music starts, you'll also have plenty of time to shoot the breeze with your buddies.

This is a short list of the endless possibilities to consider when planning your next boys night. Whatever event you may choose to host/attend, make it a point to maintain connections with your good friends. If it weren't for friends and families, life would be much less enjoyable and much less exciting!